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11/16/2005 c22 4Mechanical Dolls
Aw... that's so cute! I love why they're like so insecure about each other. I could totally understand though. They're getting better at this. *nods*

(Hee! Another update!
11/16/2005 c22 32eldrin
Brett and Mike were simply amazing here. Superb development.
11/16/2005 c22 25Esquirella
Mike would be the one to "take the bull by the horns" so to speak. He thinks he has no backbone but there he is, challenging Brett to face his fears, as he faces his own fears. I really like Mike a lot as a character. He's grown an increible amount in this story. He and Brett are so right for each other!

Maybe there should be some Damon and Trent-erference in the matter! LOL! Someone has to inform Brett that he's wrong about himself.
11/15/2005 c22 5Yoyo-chan
Aww. *hugs them both* Even when they're being romantic they still have issues. I hope things work out when Mike moves in. There's gonna be more butting heads with Lee, isn't there? :P Hopefully Damon straightened him out a bit. Looking forward to the next part, as always (and of course I am also looking forward to Esquirella's next update to see what went on in the meantime.)
11/15/2005 c21 4Mechanical Dolls
Oh, mystery, mystery.

Love the updates! Keep doin' it!


(Yes. Such an intelligent review isn't it?)
11/15/2005 c21 32eldrin
Happy flow...this is very enjoyable.
11/14/2005 c21 5Yoyo-chan
OMG it was SO unbelievably nice to see Lee get chewed out by Damon. I think Damon's the only one who can talk like that to him and get away with it.

Also I wasn't too thrilled about Damon going away at first but now I kind of see it as two excellent, frequently updating authors working on the same story. I can't wait to see what else happens on this visit ~
11/14/2005 c21 25Esquirella
That was way wonderful! Now I'm getting the writing bug again. Thanks a lot! It's 10 pm, and I don't know if I'll be able to sleep without updating tonight! The upshot? It'll probably put you in the same situation tomorrow. Mwahahahahaha!

This was a great conversation between Damon and Mikey. I think it outshined the Trent/Brett one. There was a lot of history for Mike and Damon to get out of the way. And that unfinished business is going to involve more than just Terry. LOL! But it will be nice for Mike to have a night out with his boy!

I was worried that original Brett/Damon fans wouldn't like our getting the two with other lovers, but I think they're getting used to it. Love doesn't always happen with your first boyfriend. Well, for Trent it did. LOL! But not for Damon.

Anyways, now I get to introduce Terry and Jamie to Cody! Mwahahahahahaha!
11/13/2005 c20 32eldrin
I'm nearly dancing around in glee. Just wonderful!
11/13/2005 c20 8Sundown
Still running along as strongly as ever...still fantastic writing, and beautiful characterisation. Can't wait for more! xx
11/13/2005 c20 4Mechanical Dolls
Aww, that's so sweet. It's pretty freaky, the reunion, but I still think it's sweet. I totally dig the fact that Brett replied out of instincts:

'Damon, get the fuck away from me,' Brett demanded angrily, pushing his ex-boyfriend's hands away. 'You know I hate people touching my face.'

And then later on:

'Oh, Christ it is you,' Brett swore. 'I didn't think...I mean, I didn't realise it was you. I thought...'

Hee! You should totally update! Again. XD

11/12/2005 c20 25Esquirella
Dude! That was BRILLIANT! Well, maybe the idea of trent tiptoeing up to Brett with Damon was kind of ... unexpected. But the reaction from Brett was genius!

Mike's nerves were palpable, too. Poor guy. I'm glad to see he understood this was a good thing for him.

Wait till you see what I have planned for Trent and Brett's "talk". Oh, the things Brett will learn about "Harvard Boy" and the jobs he had in college. He'll get along with Jamie, too. Well, after they settle that whole "Jamie punched Damon after a seizure" situation in Three Plus One Equals Havoc. Trent's kind of protective. LOL!

Now I have to step up my writing plans, woman! This calls for a response in "Moving "On"!
11/12/2005 c20 6Rinna
Did I remember to review the last chapter? If not, I'm terribly sorry; I usually don't review things at the same time that I read them, so sometimes I lose track.

Love this story, as always. Yay for getting to the crossover with Esquirella's. Also, I'm quite glad that Brett and Mike are back together. Also, that Damon's visit didn't prove awkward. And is it just me, or is Lee improving? That's definitly a good thing. Oh, and I loved how Brett reacted to Damon without even realizing he was there.

Anyway, as I said, love this story, look forward to more! :)
11/12/2005 c20 5Yoyo-chan
Oh I didn't figure out that the reason why Michael was so nervous was that Damon was coming to visit until someone said it ^^; but wow, I've been kind of looking forward to this. I hope everyone gets along really well ^^; Brett and Damon should be friends, at least. And also I love Damon and am glad he's visiting. And poor Michael. *hugs him*
11/9/2005 c19 4Mechanical Dolls
Aww... this chapter's so sweet. I'm so glad they're back together again. I can totally understand Lee's attitude though. I mean, wtf? I have a dad, and suddenly this guy barges in and start taking charge of my life?

Kinda like that.

Whoo! Update some more! I can never get sick of updates!

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