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10/22/2005 c14 rodeoclown
Dane shouldn't be worried...as the earlier bits of this chapter clearly demonstrate, Michael's quite capable of keeping Brett in line and taking some control over the relationship on his own. No game-playing needed. Although I must say I am looking forward to Brett's reaction on Sunday...:) Lovely chapter.
10/21/2005 c14 32eldrin
Sometimes I get the urge to just throttle Dane. Heh. Little brothers. Just love how naturally this progresses. Wonderful.
10/21/2005 c14 25Esquirella
Poor Mike. Doesn't he know that Brett doesn't do head games? LOL! I think Dane, while well-intentioned, needs to leave his brother alone! LOL! Great chapter!
10/20/2005 c14 5Yoyo-chan
Haha, they're so funny XD I love everyone in this story. OMG and I just thought of a reason why I really like your stories? THey're not predictable at all. I so don't know what's going to happen and I love it~
10/9/2005 c13 rodeoclown
Ha ha. I so lost it when Brett's dad showed up. The kiss at the end was nicely mushy. Also, its endearing how Brett tries to temper his kneejerk gruffiness for Mike. You really do get a sense of how their relationship progresses from chapter to chapter. Thanks for the quick update!
10/8/2005 c13 Yoyo-chan
^_^. I decided I wanted to see what happened to Brett after Damon left and I'm glad XP I hope Brett and Michael stay together or at least that this story ends up with a happy ending. I really like how everything becomes completely different from what they planned (just like life) and I think Brett's pretty good at being flexible XD Terry I like although sometimes I think he's annoying but in general his confidence (cockiness? arrogance? his feeling that everything is his business?) amuses me quite a lot.

So yes, I look forward to the next part XD And like I said before, I hope this time they get a happy ending.
10/7/2005 c13 acid-tears
i like it :) can't wait for more chapters...
10/6/2005 c13 Emily
A lovely chapter, once again. I'm so glad you have decided to write again!
10/5/2005 c13 25Esquirella
Very cool that the dads are talkinf - despite what Mike and Brett think. LOL! Nothing makes a relationship more real than the parents meeting each other!
10/5/2005 c13 32eldrin
And the briliance amazes me once again! This chapter made me quite giddy.
10/3/2005 c12 acid-tears
excellent :)
9/28/2005 c12 eldrin
Simply splendid. Seeing that you had updated completely made my day.
9/28/2005 c12 jma
Very hot. And happy. ^_^
9/28/2005 c12 rodeoclown
Aw, sweetness. I loved this chapter. The handholding was cute. I like how, whatever he does, Brett can never ruffle Michael's feathers. They really do make a good couple, and you've done an awesome job of nailing their personalities so well. Its not often that I read characters that seem this alive. Brett's going to meet the parents, huh? I can't wait.
9/27/2005 c12 25Esquirella
Just when Mike thought it was safe to like hanging out with his brother ... LOL! Great update to a great story that I LOVE! I like how Mike's kind of scared of his new relationship now that he's got what he wanted. It makes him even more real.
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