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for What it Seems

1/17/2006 c1 56from beneath the bell jar
omg i love the line "remember as your summer sea and you can be my secret sigh" so awesomely sighable.
9/15/2005 c1 10mattrc
I like this...I usually don't like poems that are so open but this one is so well-written that I was sitting here thinking "This is really good..." Very well-written, I like it a lot.
6/13/2005 c1 5strummychick
this sounds like a song to me. not a criticsim at all it very good as usual
6/1/2005 c1 148Thyrt
oh.i really liked that.great job.
5/30/2005 c1 175The Random Witness
KOOL! nice concept of life being a maze of unbroken dreams, and the poem flowed so nicely..great stuff!~TRW
5/27/2005 c1 10Leila J. Midnight
Awsome just like every thing else you write. Sounds alot like what I'm going through right now. I hope you figgure things out. I'm not to certain how to line breaks though. I usualy just put more space between each stanza.
5/27/2005 c1 194Aslan Israel
I think it's fine the way it is. Perfect ending, too. Great job.
5/26/2005 c1 612simpleplan13
i lvoe the ending.. awesome poem
5/26/2005 c1 11nacay
your going on my very selective aurthors list. your work is outstanding. please don't stop.
5/26/2005 c1 2True Water
wow, very vivid emotions~~ i hope all goes better for you! Great poem!
5/26/2005 c1 3Shazmole
Beautiful work, I would love to hear it with a melody, keep up the great work!
5/25/2005 c1 29Fuinixe
I love the rhythm! And "secret sigh." Yummeh.

I'm probably the last person to say this, but it's a little scatter-brained. Read anything of mine and you'll see what a hypocrite I am. ;)

But the real reason I'm reviewing this is because I know how frustrating it is not to be able to format writing for display on fictionpress. If you want to control where the spaces are between lines, when you do step one, uploading the document or whatever, it will say "Document uploaded. Click here to preview" or something along those lines. *Preview* it, and it will let you make changes. Use enter and shift-enter to get the lines the way you want them. Fictionpress can be unpredictable with converting types of documents into their template.

Hope this helps!

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