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for So Much For A Happy Ending

10/31/2008 c6 Quozo
I just read your story last week, and I forgot to review... so here I am! I just wanted to drop by and tell you that I hope that you'll take this off of hiatus. Hahaha, but no rush, considering that I didn't even finish my own story and I've already deleted it off of my account.

I like your use of hygiene in this last chapter-especially the last sentence when she says "I did hit Evatt pretty hard though, with a book, not with myself. That would be.. unhygienic."
2/5/2006 c6 1XxDarkHeartxX
I love this story. Sera's really funny. She reminds me of one of my friends. She's really crazy too. I loved this chapter, I really like Evatt. Hope you post more soon, I'm liking this so far!
1/13/2006 c6 5euphorix
haha this story is so original - i love it. so cute! cant wait for romance!
1/11/2006 c6 1Eudoxus
Hahaha ahh, brilliant. I love Sera. She's one cool cat in my book. I'm indeed glad that you're keeping this up, and do I sense that Sera is perhaps opening up to the idea of... boys? :o! No, that couldn't be. We'll pretend I never even said that _
1/8/2006 c6 Ivy
Aw.. that is so sweet. I love Evatt now.

And where is her brother?

Sera is being so stubborn.

You have to update soon! Please? Pretty please? You have to Carmen!

Oh yeah will she ever get over the whole Squink imaginery friend thing? Oh and I want to know more about Evatt and his drug problem. Please?

Continue now!
1/8/2006 c5 Ivy
interesting chapter.

Wow, I thought you wrote this all recently and then I looked at your publish date. You better be updating regularly now!

Again, good work!
1/8/2006 c4 Ivy
Aww.. that was so cute! I loved it.

And I still love the brother! He is so cool.

“Why my sister from my mother have to such a freakshow?” Brian says and slams into his room.

You're a genius. Where do you get all these lines anyway? Love it!
1/8/2006 c3 Ivy
Wow, I just love your characters. Sera is a tad bit crazy, but you just love her all the same.

Put more of her brother in it! I love him, he's just the coolest, you portray him really well.
1/8/2006 c2 Ivy
Attempted murder?

Okay Sera is officialy weird. Oh whose the main guy character Nathaniel or Evatt? Cool names by the way.

I absolutely love the brother talk.

“Talk normal, you retard!” I yell at him. Also known as ‘You be talking like them retards. Don’t be doing it.’

It's so funny! You are brilliant.

Um. Reading on!
1/8/2006 c1 Ivy
Okay! I definitely love this story so far!

My favourite line:

“Yo woman! We all stuck up in freeway, you get my drift?”

Brother. Wannabe gangster.

Ahahha. I just thought that was so funny.

Um, anyway. Evatt kicking a drug habit. Wow, this could get really interesting.

Can't wait to read more!
1/8/2006 c6 11Fluerdemort
Yay! I'm still here! You're still here! We're both still here!

I prefer the evil chair stealer over Bike Boy...Not that I have anything against bikes...It's just that...that...sorry, I lost track of my thoughts...

Well, great chapter! I wish I could stay and praise you more, but my brain cells are going on strike for pizza...how unknowlegable...funny word...I'm gonna go look that up in the dictionary...Toodles...noodles...poodles...Stupid brain cells!
1/3/2006 c6 snow.fantazi
the story is really, really funny. thx for the long chapter. plz udpate soon. sera is so...unique.
1/3/2006 c6 3blue umbrellas
haha. the chapter's so funny. especially when sera misunderstands what people are saying or referring to and when she argues with evatt.
1/3/2006 c6 grumpirah
i dont know how evatt or her family does it, she could try a saint. but she is hilarious. i was literally laughin my a## off. i like evatt by the way!
1/2/2006 c6 8squiggle-line
"Few things in life are as exciting as the task of something that is both painless and hygienic." Words to live by. :D

Evatt seems more serious than Biker Boy, er, I mean, Nathaniel. Can't decide which one I like better though. But where's Squink? More Squink, please!
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