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for So Much For A Happy Ending

1/2/2006 c5 8squiggle-line
The confusion about not pulling her weight was great. And the part where she whips out her dictionary was a nice touch too. Mgwesh! makes another appearance. Yay!

Sera's mother is one patient woman. :D
1/2/2006 c4 squiggle-line
Woah, did Squink mess up Sera's room? And who was that on the phone with her?

...And Evatt has a nickname now too, huh? :D

I don't know about a video game of the immune system, but there used to be a television show (cartoon) that was about the immune system...lived in some guy named Hector? I don't really remember. It was pretty entertaining though.

Anyways, hilarious chapter!
1/2/2006 c3 squiggle-line
haha! the magazines on the floor. Squink DOES exist!

Woah, Biker Boy and the group therapy lady are related! Interesting twist.

I really like all the random side comments that Sera makes...about flesh and blood, the rhyming with ear and hear, and mwegsh! Haha, mwegsh! I spent a good five minutes after reading that trying to make the mwegsh! sound.
1/2/2006 c2 squiggle-line
I really like how Sera imagines the reaction of her dad, mother, and brother to her wasting six minutes of their lives. The intro of the three in chapter one was hilarious too!

vegetable brownies? ^_^
1/2/2006 c1 squiggle-line
haha! squink! what a great name. The cough drop bit is hilarious too.

I like the first person narration...

(off to read more!)
1/2/2006 c6 2Invisible Confidante
I'm angry. Very, very angry. You have not updated in a long time. Bad person.

That said, another hilarious chapter! Sera's amazing...(reminds me of me occasionally, but without the "imaginary" friend...)...And the randomness is SO COOL!

So update quickly. Otherwise...bad things will happen.
12/21/2005 c5 3blue umbrellas
haha sera is so hilarious. especially the dictionary bits. lol. and the questions too. hmm, i wonder what's going to happen at the library? will sera go?
12/21/2005 c5 4Clara Clog
I love this story. more please. i cant wait to find out what happens to sera. :D
11/10/2005 c5 Para Noya
-this is funnty! I really like this story! What will happen next in Sera's cough-drop deprived world? Well, I don't know, I'm not the author. Update soon, please? (adds to favorites)
9/16/2005 c5 11Fluerdemort
Evatt's cool...Sera's weird...Danna's always happy...I don't really know where I'm going with this, but I like mushrooms...except the fact that they are fungus! Bleh!

Anyways, really liked this chapter (as always) and hope you will update soon!

Wait, who's that phone guy from chapter four? He's kind of weird...like one of those anonymous stalkers...Oh crap! He's a stalker! ...Those are always fun to watch...Does he happen to own a pair of binoculars that have the initials 'B.A' on it? Cause mine's been missing for quite a while and he seems very suspicious...

Hem...sorry, my split personality kind of took over...forgot to take my pill...(ok, that didn't really happen, but it always happens in my dreams...)
9/13/2005 c5 anonymous
wowz, great chappie...so funny...i was seriously laughing out loud...keep up the good work
9/13/2005 c5 5square root
Your story is very well written... but I'm sorry to say that I totally don't get it at all. I guess... I dunno. Sera just creeps me out, I guess. She's psycho. I'm liking Evatt, though, even though from Sera's point of view he doesn't seem particularly likeable... lol. Sera's just too weird for me... I could totally deal with the cough drops, even though I'm not particularly partial to them myself, but her paranoia... and Squink... I mean, she's what? Seventeen? With an imaginary friend? It's incredibly well written though, and I plan to keep reading (hoping that you update soon) in hopes that things will be cleared up. I guess it's just so different from most writing that it takes a bit to get used to. Please try to update soon.
9/13/2005 c5 Kapoof
Hee.. that was hilarious. Being surrounded by killers..

Ahem. So, fantastic chapter you (finally) turned out, can't wait until the next one. Although, I'm curious, where are you going exactly with this story? I mean.. romance section, so maybe Evett or biker boy and Sera? But I'd feel sorry for them (whilst her ah.. habits are amusing to us, I'd imagine it'd get rather annoying to them). Or is the Squink? Or..

I'm rambling. And making no sense. I need to go do homework before I ramble out more incoherant things.
9/12/2005 c5 birdytamel
i should not be reading nor reviwewing. i should not be on fictionpress. i should be doing math homework. but here i am. sh. don't tell anyone. i'm supposed to be taking a break from fp.

who's Nat again? ::winces:: sorry, bad memory. feel free to make use of them email address on my profile page. or... the one i submittedwith the review. heh. hehe. ignore me.

FAV LINE: "Mwegsh. He can be quite moronic sometimes." - i must agree, dear. it's cuz he's a boy he can't help it. hit him over the head with the dictionary. [heehee. the dictionary. i wanna do that sometime it would really be great]

one error... i think: "Sera! Hey, Sera! You forgot my bag!" - you forgot 'your' bag.

hm. thats all. back to pre-calc. ugh. ^^?
9/12/2005 c5 1bummertime
I have a question. Is she English?

I dunno just asking.

I love her and your chapter so much.

They're hilarious and it does clear up stuff.
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