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for So Much For A Happy Ending

9/12/2005 c5 rockstaar-groupie
Yay! i'm so very happy you updated, i love this story Sera is so odd, but she keeps things intersting.Update soon!
9/12/2005 c5 Salt and Vinegar Pringles
This is possibly the best, most light-hearted and crazy story I've ever read. I swear... it's just... absolutely freakin' terrific! It's so not serious and it's just... uh! BRILLIANT. Love it to bits, can't wait for the next update!
9/12/2005 c2 sharp-tounged
hahahahahaha. i so love this story.
9/12/2005 c1 sharp-tounged
Erm, i think i like 1st person better. It's harder tho.

MAybe 3rd person in Sera's view.

I love this story, especially about the cough drops and squink~!
9/12/2005 c5 3miss-blackhair
somehow, im thinking Sera's kinda crazy in a way. evatt's really sweet and funny.. lol =)
9/12/2005 c1 miss-blackhair
whoa! that was 1 fab story.. i was hooked.. really cool. evatt sounds hot and Sera's really cool. i like it lots! =) hope to hear from you soon!
8/28/2005 c3 sara
hahahaha this is the weirdest story.. i have ever read haha but i like it! =) keep up the good work.. sera is so weird..lol
7/19/2005 c4 1XxDarkHeartxX
Awesome! I think this chapter is one of my favorites! Evatt is trying SO hard not to like Sera. Is she ever going to be normal again? She would sure give everybody a shock if she somehow took something that made her normal for a day, and then back to her old self the next day. But that's just me! Can't wait for your update! Please hurry!

P.S. Yes u can be weird if the rest of your family's crazy, although you probably meant that to be rhetorical (or however you spell it)!
7/16/2005 c4 11Fluerdemort
Shoe polish, huh? I don't think I have any, but I'm sure my neighbors have some...always walking around with shiny shoes...it blinds me!Garden Gnome studies? Well, I'm sure Chub-Chub will be happy that there is a whole study about him...well, not all him, but, yeah.Good Chapter. Very good chapter. Hmm... I don't think Sera likes Evatt very much...Aw well, All's Well That Ends Well...I fink...Well, I hope all goes well with the subject picking thing...By golly, gee whiz, how many frikin times did I say 'well' in this review? (If I'm not mistaken, seven)
7/12/2005 c4 Rockstargroupie
Fabulous! this girl is nuts:P I love it lol. Great job, this chapter was one of your best. Poor Evatt (I hope I spelt that right)Well I'll be looking forwards to your next update. I'll see ya next chapter.-Krissy
7/12/2005 c4 1bummertime
Is Squink real? I wish he was. I want to know more about his drug problem (not that I have one. I live now where near drugs but stil...) Good chapter. Nice and long =D
7/12/2005 c4 11arachibutyrophobia
Fav Lines:"And then I collapse, playing dead. This is what various species of animal do when faced with imminent danger." - lol. it's crazy, really. i can just see her collapse roandomly on the floor. hope she doen't do that when doing the presentation. OMG that's going to be crazy.

"Why my sister from my mother have to such a freakshow?" - love it so much. crazy fake gangster that he is...

"'He hit me!‚' I state, pointing at Evatt." - it's so... random...

('It hurts.‚' I whinge. - whine)

"And I sit back down. It's like having a servant." - he's so crazy nice!

("Ten I get back into bed and..." then)

"Across the table from me, Evatt has choked on his soup.Good for him." - poor guy. i'm dying to know what he thinks, but don't alternate with his POV. but if u know what he's thinking, do tell ^^

"Squink eats it and runs back up." - whoa! so the fish is GONE? as in, squink is tangible? or will her mom later yell at her fror dropping fish on the floor? Omg its such a crazy story, i luv it. please update soon!
7/12/2005 c4 2inconsequential me
another really funny chapter. poor evatt. seriously. does he have any idea that he's working with a maniac? haha, seriously, sera is CRAZY.

who was on the phone? that nate guy? or evatt? or somebody else? hm. very curious.

Squink scares the hell out of me. Haha, seriously though. if some girl was talking to some random, invisible creature...well...i'd take her to the crazy house.

hope you can update soon, but don't worry about it-sounds like you have a lto of stress about school. yuck.

7/12/2005 c4 Kapoof
Whee, new chapter. You know, there is kinda a video game about the immune system. This kid named Ben Duskin had help from the Make a Wish foundation (he had leukemia) and designed a game where you are the medicine and kill cancer cells I think (my random information scares me sometimes).

Cretins. Is that Sera's favorite word? I so think she has OCD now.. what, with the thing about bacteria/viruses/etc and sterilizing her room. She even has her particular own cup and chair!

You've got me really curious about Squink.. and I wonder what happened to Sera's room. Dun, dun, dun..
7/12/2005 c4 3blue umbrellas
this story is funny.haha. but who is that boy on the phone anyway?
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