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7/12/2005 c4 4Nightmare Of Eden

O_o *pets* I now dub you my official minion of the week! Yay! :D

OMGZORZ, this girl is like a more openly crazy version of me _ *pets her* This story is hilarious, you must keep writing, else suffer the wrath of MY HORRIBLE SINGING! *thunder flashes and scary music plays*
7/12/2005 c4 5euphorix
great chapter! lol, sera cracks me up =D
7/6/2005 c3 Kapoof

I could not stop laughing. Sera, with her odd 'imaginary' friend, rather OCD-like mannerisms, paranoia and love of cough drops. Awesome. I actually kind of share the cough drops thing.. yummy cough drops.. I like the Fruit Breezers kind, even if people say they're nasty. Tastes like candy for me. Eh heh.

Squink huh? I wonder how those magazines got knocked down.. hm.. and for Evatt or Nathanial.. I kinda like Nathanial more right now. I just do. Hum.

6/28/2005 c3 11Fluerdemort
Hey! You updated at a great time! I've been having some bad days and this just brought me up...I had this dream that my garden-gnome-friend tried to kill me...but Chub-Chub would never do such a thing...Anyway...

I am coming up with one of my psycologically bent ideas! Evatt is an alien! An alien who steals seats! An alien who steals seats and says 'Mwegsh'! An alien who steals seats and says 'Mwegsh' and goes to group therapy willingly! How smart am I to figure that out, huh? (Don't mind me...)

To tell you the truth, I kinda like Evatt better than Nathanial. Not that biker-boy isn't cool or anything...I just...I dunno. Evatt seems cool...er.Um...yeah...I just got myself confuzled...fuzle...funny world...

So...update soon! *goes all Arnold Shwartzenager (dunno how to spell that...)* I'll be back!
6/26/2005 c3 1XxDarkHeartxX
Wow, thanks for the dedication! This chapter was really funny! She meets Nathaniel's sister and doesn't realize it, and that whole conversation with his parents was pretty funny! And I thought I was crazy. I'm the weirdest member of my family, but not nearly half as weird as Sera. But I love Sera and her weirdness! Hope you update soon! I LOVE this story!
6/25/2005 c3 11arachibutyrophobia
“Brian, I be killing you if you don’t be shutting up!” I yell at him.

my favorite line. mua. her brother is so funny. as is she. it has to be fun to write... a way of, er getting out all those odd compulsions we all have sometimes...^^

hey... i wanna know more about squink. what does...it?... like? believe in, er...stuff like that. sorry if that sounds weird lmao. update!
6/25/2005 c3 2inconsequential me



How did you even come up with a word like that...? Just attack random keys on the board and see what you come up with?

First of all, it's bizarre that she actually called the police station and that they're seriously looking into it. yo'ud think they'd look into her...health or something. i don't kow. it's such a weird situation. heh.

And biker boy and his family seem...uptight. well, not biker boy, just his parents. but still, i don't know what my parents would be doing if some random person accused me of murder... but from what you've said, they must be...rich or something? i don't know if that has much to do with the story, but i still like bikerboy...

...just not as much as i like evatt. i take it he was/is a kleptomaniac? or something along those lines, i imagine.

So you say that Sera doesn't have any mental illnesses or anything...but some of it is a bit extreme. Like squink. and thinking people are trying to murder her and then pressing charges. it's just...who in their right mind does that? hah, i don't kow. but i understand she does indeed have a crazy personality/imagination...

anxious for the next update. lovely chapter. keeps me laughing. i don't know where you come up with this stuff...but it's hilarious.
6/25/2005 c3 4Nova Light
Well, Nathanial sure left some impressions. I loved the funniness (is that even a word?) of this chapter. Whoopps I gotta go, My mom just found out that I attempted doing laundry. Let me tell you this, she isn't a happy lady right now. Yikes. Good write.
6/25/2005 c3 1bummertime
She is a weird character and as much as it pains me to say this... she needs help. Well she's getting help but she needs help. And when is it going to click that Danna is bikaer boys or Nathaniels sister? Good chappie though!
6/25/2005 c3 dorydafish
wow another cool chappie. Ur right i like bike boy way better for some reason, maybe coz he doesnt seem fazed by sera's character. I think that he and sera shud get together even tho evatt sounds like a cool guy too.Later xx
6/24/2005 c2 7Salt and Vinegar Pringles
this story is no doubt the weirdest one I've ever read. and i love it. it's hilarious she's totally paranoid and has an imaginary friend.. i hope he's real though. um... yeah, i loved the last line of this chapter and i think your funnu. okay. ciao.
6/21/2005 c2 2inconsequential me
oh god.

you're funny.

seriously. outragously funny. i don't know where you even begin to come up with stuff like this...but parts of it had me laughing out loud. And although i'm easily amused, it takes a lot for me to actually laugh out loud. incredible.

haha, sorry, i'm so...disjointed. hope you can handle my incoherent review...-_-

but the first chapter...! so comical. I swear. Her family-INSANE. Just reading about her brother-ahaha, it's so funny. i don't really know anyone like that. not that extreme anyway. but it's so funny. i can't imagine living with that. I like evatt. even if she doesn't. i've never heard of that name before. unique points. anyway, chapter one isn't as fresh in my mind as chapter two, so most of the review will be about that, i imagine...

i don't understand the squink thing. i imagine that i'm not supposed to, though. is she...paranoid? schizophrenic? or just going through a phase like everyone says? i can't decide. because sometimes i sit here and am convinced that she is indeed crazy... but then other times, she seems rational enough... and maybe she's just a little sheltered/unsocial. who knows. i guess we'll find out sooner or later.

and then the part about her not knowing how to speak english. PRICELESS. Good fish! and veggie brownies. you're clever. i don't know where you come up with this stuff...

and then the biker. hm... i don't know what his purpose is quite yet. love interest...? or just...random character?

but her reporting an attempted murder. funny. but very extreme. she is crazy, isn't she? hm. welp...you keep writing, i'll keep reading and definitely reviewing...

it's a charming, crazy story. kudos!
6/13/2005 c1 4Jen Pennie
This story is hilarious! ... The writing is great, and Sera is an awesome character. You're very good at characterization.
6/6/2005 c2 11arachibutyrophobia
oh migod. she's a greaat character, and fun to read abou, but in real life... well, er. i would kinda agree with nat. so yes. and she's REPORTING him? omg. i mean, i know stealing brownies can be pretty unforgivable, but still...^^ update soon!
6/5/2005 c2 5Kristen-Roxanne
HA, I love the last two lines. this is got to be like the bestest story ever!. My brother Eats cough drops like candy, but not as much as Sera seems to!. I myself can not stand them.Anyways, this is a great chapter! ^_^ update soon.!
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