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10/17/2007 c4 4Sadwyn
I miss reading Transfusion, Nala! Please, please write more? *begs mournfully*
9/2/2007 c9 Teeju
Oh wow. This story is very interesting. I like how you are developing Val and Erik's relationship. It's so cute. You also have a strong and consistent writing style. Update soon!
6/16/2007 c7 Sadwyn
Rather! You read the nice comment, Nala, write and post more! Please? *begs and pleads with puppy eyes*
5/16/2007 c9 21Nina Kindred
Very interesting. Keep going, I'm following along and liking it.
5/15/2007 c9 6Anya Tempest
Nice to see an update after so long. I really liked this chapter - all your characters are really nice, likeable people. It's refreshing to read that in a story :)
5/14/2007 c9 4Sadwyn
Hurrah! Another chapter posted! Good ol' Mrs. T. God ol' apple pie! *rubs tummy*

"Vale giggled as she saw an almost holy light come into Erik's eyes when he saw that pie."

*grins* Boy, does that sound familiar!
3/9/2007 c8 Sadwyn
Transfusion has become easily one of my most favorite stories in the whole world. And that's saying a lot, with how much I like to read. You have done an absolutely incredible job writing it. I like how well you develop your characters and how fascinating you make them. I think Paul is fascinating because he seems so young, but he is actually so wise and ancient. Aria was confusing to me at first, since I didn't know anything about her except that she hurt so much, and finding out more about her was so much fun. Erik, well Erik I know a lot about! *grins* I can't help loving your characters. Erik's mum (naturally I guess), Mrs. T., Doc... What really draws me in and captures me, though, is how well you can describe and write about anything, your gift. ESPECIALLY how well you describe music. I remember the time Erik played, how you wrote about it was MUCH more beautiful than how I played it or ever could. You ought to post more of it! And keep writing! Please? *begs and pleads with puppy eyes*
1/29/2007 c2 21Nina Kindred
What an interesting idea. I don't get a lot of time lately, but I will read more of this one. It's a winner!
5/24/2006 c1 maxnotevoltage
Wow. That was incredible. I am thoroughly impressed at your way with words! The way you captured this scene made it play through my mind - I could see everything so clearly. The details are wonderful - especially this part: "Every memory was burning, burning, burning, in the fire in her brain. A memory would show itself slightly and disappear before she had time to truly know what it looked like. There was nothing except fire in her brain." What an awesome image... and, yet, frightening!

The mood you've created here is great. I love how the stars seem to be singing, and that she is comforted by the presence of something beyond those stars that will protect her. She knows God - that's a good sign (even if she can't remember Him at the moment...)

Another thing I noticed was your symbolic use of the "sea monster." I like how you kept reverting back to that image... Very clever...

Anywho, before I get carried away and write a book, here... hehe... You have such an amazing gift - and I think it's awesome that you use it to glorify God, since He's the one who blessed you with it. Keep it up - I can't wait to read on!

God bless, always:-) - J.max
2/13/2006 c8 6Anya Tempest
First off, thanks for your review of my story and sorry I've taken so long to return the favour.

I really like this. The fact that it's set in the 1800's makes it more interesting (And old-fashioned stuff rocks!)

I noticed only a few grammar or spelling errors, and they were also all in this chapter.

"He wore some old but not to worn clothes" - "to" should be "too", because "to" is related to movement ("going to the zoo"), whereas "too" is related to excess ("He was too sleepy to finish his homework")

"So I can keep wonderful people like her from dieing.” - that's spelt "dying"

I love your characters, Erik in particular (He's awesome, and the fact he's a doctor's assistant is really cool). I also loved chapter one, where your imagery was marvellous. I'm curious to find out more about Paul, he's quite the enigma.

Thanks again for your review and I'm adding you to my author alert list so I'll know when you update!
10/31/2005 c5 Xavier Everett
Interesting chapter. By the way, Abnormality has a sequel started already - check my profile page: it's called Artificial.
9/4/2005 c1 Xavier Everett
Hydie - this is the only way I could find to reply to your review - what was the Woohoo! about? It rather confused me. Tabitha just got knocked off a building, and a different member of Rose's family has turned out evil!
8/1/2005 c4 Xavier Everett
Interesting so far. A few errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation, but I suppose they're unavoidable. Sometimes the dialogue seems a little wooden to me - I'm not sure why. Also, the doctor would probably refer to 'suturing' cuts rather than 'sewing up' cuts.

Thank you very much for your review of Abnormality. Next chapter should be out soon.

6/5/2005 c3 1Michiko87
Nice story! Hope you continue this. ^_^

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