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6/26/2003 c1 3salacia
I can get the drift of what you are saying here and you put it well. However, how did he die? There are also a few typos to check on...but hey i have a million of them myself! The grief prosses is very apparent here and you do a good job with it! Good work!
2/8/2001 c1 wishlist87
2/8/2001 c1 7Monomania
Her brother is her lover? I find that just a tad bit odd...
1/29/2001 c1 SharasKemet
wow! some really powerful writing!
1/27/2001 c1 70Megan
ah, incestuous relationships. I see. And maybe some heroine usage thrown it for the heck of it? This would be such an interesting Jerry Springer episode. I can hear the 'Jerry! Jerry!' chants in the back of my mind...
1/27/2001 c1 girl poisons boy
eeep This is sad Bellieboopers.. but, it's a good story.

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