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for That Never Will

7/13/2006 c1 A Lone Howl
Beautiful. I loved it.
9/30/2005 c1 7AethraZip
If I didn't consistently tell you already, I would say that this poem is fucking amazing and so are you. But I tell you that every time you write a poem and you haven't believed yet, so I won't say so now.

Anyway, the repetition.. or whatever Krusty calls it.. that thingie where lines repeat but change some words, remember? is really effective. Makes the poem, I think. Nice job.
5/30/2005 c1 45Kikaria
I love this! so sad... i especially like the second stanza and the last two lines. i think that the last lines of a poem are always the most important, and you do a good job of making them have a real impact.~ZhAaN
5/27/2005 c1 3weepingsilver
update feind! i love you poetry what sparked this?

luv ya


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