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2/21/2006 c15 xWhit3StaRx
Did I not review this? O_o? Well, it was a while ago, but w/e XP You know I loved it =)
12/11/2005 c15 7Victoria Humblydum
I LOVE YOUR STORY SO MUCH! it was so sweet! it was sad when Cameron and Min-Jung died but in most good stories someone dies. awesome job!
10/20/2005 c15 3amethyst64
oops. i read this about a few weeks ago and just forgot to review. it's still me, chiney. new name. haha. ;)

well, it's a good ending. i'll wait for your new fic. ;)
10/13/2005 c6 53TeaPotHead
hi, I love this chapter, forgot to say so...yeah, now you have an even 60 reveiws!
10/5/2005 c15 Shefali
what happened to her? she started shopping...at abercrombie? no...ok, i'm done now. ^_^. i am ethically opposed to abercrombie.if cool is when people love you, does everyone love...i don't know...white-out?but the chapter is cute.
10/5/2005 c15 TeaPotHead
aw a perfect end *cheers*
9/28/2005 c14 Shefali
lol, of course i love this chapter...she hooks up with chris!...but it's kinda unrealistic...no friends are that loving...especially when they're in junior high
9/27/2005 c14 chiney
I didn't know I haven't read the 13th chapter, so I read the 14th and was totally surprised. Anyways, it's sad there's only one chapter left... It's been really fun. ;)
9/22/2005 c14 TeaPotHead
aw this, was insanly awsome and cute and very good and i love it and it cant be over!
9/17/2005 c13 TeaPotHead
ARE YOU DAFT WOMAN? DAFT! A STORY WITHOUT CHASE ISN"T A STORY AT ALL! *sobs* she can't move! (good chapter) SHE JUST CANT! *cough* um yes, perfectly good description and whatnot! very very nice. If you wouldn't mind, I'd love ur opinions on some of my stuff, thankies!
9/10/2005 c12 chiney
whoa... cameron died? i thought he's your fave character in your story! haha. anyway, some resurrection might happen coz it's a fantasy story... so i won't freak out yet, unless you tell me he's gone forever. ;)
9/7/2005 c12 TeaPotHead
well my old name the formal version of my coven name, I combined three words to get the first name (the cetic word for my beloved, kitana and my fave brand of gutiar) And the last one is my element and main talent (wind being the element, and song being talent) Kiki W. is just more casual, so yeah. But really good chapter, but (yes sry theres a but) Cameron was hardly mention beofre his this chapter...and CHRIS AND SHIA ARE AN AWSOME THING-A-MA-JIG!
9/7/2005 c12 Mistress Fantacy
0.0 *utter shock* You...killed...him? You killed Cameron? (What a horrible thing to do!) But, you're the writer and you know what's best for your characters. I'm just hoping that his...sudden departure will be for the benefit of his friends. Other than that, I enjoyed reading this chapter. Well written. Keep it up!

Mistress Fantacy
9/7/2005 c12 1imthetree
:( wow, umm i don't want this to sound mean, but i don' think you quite got the idea of when yoiur friend dies, but everyoen grieves differently, i'm not sure. but when mine died, it was like i knew she was gone but at the same time i didn't. does that make sence? lol
9/7/2005 c12 starryeyes479
I was wondering how you were gonna write the next chapter...turned out pretty good. Then adding that cameron died was shocking. He seemed like a total adorable guy. Im kinda surprised that shia hasnt gotten emotional yet but thats the same way i felt when my grandfather died..i was numb and then id cry in my sleep. heh. well best of luck with your homework. I get to have some...on thursday. Exciting.

Hopefully ull keep up with this even though theres school.

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