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3/23/2009 c2 1Edara
Great Story!

I can't wait to find out more. The suspense is killing me! I really want to know what happen before Lyn transfered.

Please, Please, PLease, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please update soon!
6/12/2005 c2 1astrikgirl
You are a serious writer! Geez you have a skill that many people don't have. Including me. I can't wait for the next chapter! Where do your ideas come from? The characters that you write about are totally 3D. And some are very mysterious. I'm just wondering why your setting is a 'uniformal' school. Does that have a deeper meaning? -Krista
6/1/2005 c2 17Trinity of Dreams
update soon
5/31/2005 c2 2Rose of Battle
Hey, you didn't say "Read and Review or Die!" That's different ^.^

Wow, I can connect anything to most anything. Jonathon Fry? Melody Barry? Roland Guntri? Wow...lol. That definitely reminds me a lot of school.

I feel bad for the Valentines. So much death and terrible times... *sniff*

Everyone here: O.o

Anyway, I really liked this chapter. ESPECIALLY KORRIN! YAY FOR KORRIN! HE'S SO COOL! HE'S SO AWESOME! YAY XD Please write more quickly! PLEASE!
5/30/2005 c2 5clair-a-net
hey the longer the better in mu opinon. so she finally kinda makes friends. i wonder what will happen next? more please clair_a_net
5/30/2005 c1 2Rose of Battle
Obviously I don't want to die, so here is my review:

AWESOME! HOT REDHEAD! ...Daniel? Did you do that on purpose? Anyway, that was awesome. Yay for soccer! That was fun when I glared at that girl who made me lose the ball. I get lots of pain. It's to be expected when you play with boys.

This was extremely good! Keep up the awesome work! *pauses* ...ROSE FOX XD
5/29/2005 c1 5clair-a-net
intersting. so why is she so distached from everything? Why can't she have friends and why did she move? clair_a_net

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