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12/11/2014 c16 1Shayde Revelle
So short, but so beautiful!
3/19/2011 c16 cheesecake15
Well this story was adorable, gosh how I love happy endings.

You, lovely author, have put a smile on my dile.

Wonderful story, good night dearest.
1/29/2011 c16 head-a-shimozle
Hey I know you wrote this ages ago but I just want to say good story also um Buffy is the best show known to man :)
8/28/2010 c12 7Dustland
So far I feel like,

I love james and her and I know the story's short, but when he asked her in the last chpt. I thought it was too fast. I was thinking that they'd both realize what they really wanted after they were apart and the somehow fight to be together.

Also, I like Blayne, for now. Since He's only been in this chpt. I can't no for sure if he's a good guy or not.

BUT, I hate Fiona.

Yeah, that usually happens to me. When a main character girl has two guy interests, I just end up hating the girl.

And, now onward to finish.
8/19/2008 c16 3naivete chica
aw i loved reading this. it was nice and short..although i wish it was longer and more detailed, i feel lyk i didn't get enough of fiona and james! I liked james the most.. he seems real. He's not some powerful duke who beds different women every night (that's just cliche) and he wasn't unnecessarily mean to fiona.. which is good because i'd fall for a considerate guy over a jerk anyday! and i loved fiona, she's smart! =) thanks for a great read, keep writing!
6/26/2008 c16 14Lily Laurence
simple and sweet. love it
6/18/2008 c16 geminibaby6789
Great story! I love it! :)
6/7/2008 c16 5I Murder on Impulse
I love this story!

4/2/2008 c7 atreyu love
omg. i loved that.

she won and he kissed her :P
4/2/2008 c1 atreyu love
i like :D
3/23/2008 c1 2Emelaya Ericson
Okay. I know I'm reviewing again. Hi. You probably think that I'm nuts reviewing at the beginning of a story instead of at the end, but hey, that's just my style. I liked, no, loved your story. My dear, you have a passion for words that twist and twine and spin out a story more delicate than a gossamer strand of a spider's web. It is truly art if you have written it. I hail you as an amazing writer and wish you great success. I look forward to your other stories as well. For now, however, I must say adieu.

Lots of Love,

1/5/2008 c16 NobleAngel015
amazing story , by the way you are a great writer! i enjoyed your story very much!
12/29/2007 c16 cherise
hallos! this story roxs again! hv read all ur stories n they r great..hahas..
7/2/2007 c16 Aerlinniel
Yay! I love a happy ending! I enjoyed this from start to finish!
4/27/2007 c16 2akaCHEEKS
i love it. i think this is my favorite aside from the waiting room by BKGal-24. her story is really good by the way. she got it done a while back. cause i remember reading through the whole thing. but right now she's on editing it and everything so you'll have to wait a while before you actually get to read the whole thing. but it's a really good plot and story. i like her work. yours is really good though! i love the ending the best!
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