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1/3/2006 c8 7S.C.Eboni
ohlala I love the way you built up to the kiss, its very...romantic? hehe great story
1/3/2006 c7 S.C.Eboni
oh...hehe I like the new development, makes the story very interesting. The last part was a bit weird on some of the wording, but its no big deal since theres nothing that really stands out.
1/3/2006 c4 S.C.Eboni
I love the way you have captured the situation Fiona is in. Try to keep sentences more to the point. Some of them are a bit wordy (ex.They were in the outskirts of London, but it was still London)
1/3/2006 c2 S.C.Eboni
Hey me again, great chapter, one or two typos. The part I found the wording weird was the last part where "James produced a pair of dice and then proceeded to roll the lowest" it kinda gives the image that he decided to roll the lowest, but thats not actually possible.
12/16/2005 c16 4I-am-Eskimo
What a great awesome story! ^.^
12/4/2005 c16 2miss understanding
That's rather cute. lol. I like how she went from a snob to a humble person. Snooty people irritate me. I read 'Buy Me Love' and liked that story too. It was equally sweet. I hope you're planning on writing another story soon. Please let me know when you do! So happy for Fiona and James...he never really was killer-like by which I mean cold and violent. I suppose that only makes him more loveable. So, here's to a happy ending. Cheers! ~Choco
11/30/2005 c16 10Eet
Aw this was so nice. I absolutely adored it! I can't wait for more stories from you!
11/30/2005 c16 Darkened Torch
Good job! Very good indeed. I loved this story and hope to read more of your works. you're a wonderful and gifted author, congratulations. Hope to read more from you soon. See ya!
11/29/2005 c16 17Lady of romance world88
Hey!Wow this story is finished. I gladly Fiona is with James forever. Now their fate leads them stay together forever. Anyway hurry update soon until you get new story.
11/28/2005 c16 25raniaur
Aw...*sighs* bootiful story...write such like more!
11/28/2005 c16 1queen-lala
aww how sweet!
11/28/2005 c16 KiraLyrin
Aww! Very cute! I'm so happy she chose James! He's gorgeous!
11/27/2005 c16 42missmichellini


especially the ending

:D :D :D
11/27/2005 c16 10Hell's first Icicle
aw so sweet! =DD~Blue
11/27/2005 c16 ellabella
Thanks for the 'congratulations'. I can't believe you've finished this story. I think congratulations are in order for you…so…congrats on finishing!

You only started it six months ago. It seems like you only started it last month... Wow.

Hahaha, cool. I like the idea about being married without a priest and only love.

I was confused about one thing.

-"They had found one man, however, in desperate need of money to settle a debt, and willing to sell a bit of property for more than it was worth."

You said "sell a bit of property for 'more' than it was worth."

which implies that they paid TOO much for the property...

I think it's suppose to be "for 'less' than it was worth."

That's the only mistake I saw.

O, I can't wait for the pirate story. I like to read pirate romances.

The ship always wins me over. I like the idea of travelling on the sea with nowhere to run.

It's awesome.

Well I loved this story, and I’ll no doubt love the next. So I'll cya when you start posting that. Bye!

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