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11/27/2005 c16 6Silver-Dragon5
Congatulations on finishing your story! You did a great job!

11/26/2005 c15 ellabella
It's almost over? Wow, it was like you only started posting it yesterday...


OMG! This is great! I loves it...wow... *blinks*

I have to go.


11/25/2005 c15 10Hell's first Icicle
aw *smiles happily* so sweet. i knew the pickpocketing wud cum in handy! =D so is it finished? or is there more?
11/24/2005 c15 asdasd12
AW! So kawii(cute)! James got out, and Fiona is with James now. But I bet they haven't heard the last from Blayne. What troubles ensue? I can only wonder. I still don't like that man (Blayne) he's too sweet for his own good. ::cough couch:: hidden motives. I really liked when the farmer's wife thought they were married, it was so cute. ::Sigh:: Hope to read more soon. Awesome chapter. See ya!
11/24/2005 c15 10Eet
yes! Hahahah. Finally all is right again in the worlds of James and Fiona...
11/24/2005 c15 19lengg
oh, so it's ending soon? Really nice written! CAN't wait for the epilougue. hehe
11/24/2005 c15 1queen-lala
aww..how sweet! please update!^_^
11/23/2005 c15 17Lady of romance world88
Hey!Now James and Fiona are happily together. Hooray. Sound alike Fiona cant live without with him. Where will they go? Hurry update soon.
11/23/2005 c15 6Silver-Dragon5
This is coming along really well. I love the interaction between James and Fiona. However, what will happen now? Will Blayne now become the jealous type, and hunt Fiona down? Or does he believe that she has once again been kidnapped and will go to her rescue?

As you can see, I can't wait to find out what happens next. Keep writing!

11/23/2005 c15 2miss understanding
I just watched Pride and Prejudice today and it reminded me of this with it's elegant, old-fashioned quality. James sounds like a total hottie ;-) and I liked how he was sort of emotional, even though he's a criminal. Fiona strikes me as a bit spoiled, though. I mean, she got smart about half-way through the story and realized she liked James but her rant about silk pissed me off. He could have killed her, considering how annoying she was, early on in the story. I re-read the previous chapters since I hadn't really reviewed this in a while. The only thing i found wrong was that Fiona seemed to fall for her captor awfully fast. Most girls, if they got kidnapped, would be absolutely terrified. Perhaps she's just exceptionally brave and one of those good girls that likes bad guys. Anyway, I love the story and am looking forward to the Epilogue. Toodles! ^_^ ~Choco
11/23/2005 c15 42missmichellini
Absolutely fantastic. i love her bluntness "I lied" haha...and your style ROX MY SOX OFF

(i'm not even wearing any :D)

so yeah. (this is kisstherainaway aka musik_freak41890 aka Michelle lol...sorry i keep switchin)
11/21/2005 c14 WesternChick
Update! update! update! update! for the love of god update!
11/19/2005 c14 10Eet
Aw, this was such a short chapter. Update soon, cuz I want to know hear the conversation between her and James.
11/19/2005 c14 17Lady of romance world88
Hey!So James in jail. Wow! Fiona must be loved him so much rather to be with Blythe. Hooray. I hope Fiona will run away with James and be with him rest of her life. Hurry update soon.
11/16/2005 c14 1queen-lala
uh-oh! can i hear a whoop whoop~ lol. please update soon!
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