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for Double, Double, Toil, and Tiffany's?

8/27/2006 c5 9ice flyer
lovely chap :) this is always a good read to bring a smile to my face! i really like how tasia is so imperfect. and the line, "I have pie crumbs on my dress, despite my best efforts," is just GREAT.

my only suggestion, a little more description rather than dialogue. the description of jestine's dress is really welcome and i would like to see maybe more of those type of descriptions scattered through. after all, this is an unfamiliar world, so even describing little things will be interesting.

good job! :)
7/30/2006 c8 Silent Force
So they've met again; very interesting... Now I'm dying to know what happens next, especially with Zach's crazy grandmother around. Please update soon!
7/30/2006 c7 Silent Force
Interesting developent, with the arranged marriage. Well, it had to happen eventually, didn't it? I'm definitely looking forward to what happens next!
7/30/2006 c6 Silent Force
Haha, nice choice of gift with the hearing aid. Oh, and I liked the whole dancing scene part. I'm sure Tasia and Zach will be meeting each other again, won't they? I'm on to Ch. 7...
7/30/2006 c5 Silent Force
Poor Tasia, having to put up with her family's craziness all of the time... I loved the outcome of the whole Muriel and Mary Agnes situation. I think the strongest point of this story is definitely the characters; they're all so crazy and entertaining! Nice job.
7/30/2006 c4 Silent Force
This chapter was just as hilarious as the others. Grandam and Murgatroyd are just great characters; Grandam's obliviousness to the fact that she'd basically kidnapped the mailman was quite funny. And the Siereponts have intrigued me as well... I'm onto the next chapter!
7/30/2006 c3 Silent Force
Lol, Muriel reminds me of one of the witches from Macbeth. I love how you've blended modern day with fantasy; it's just really cool. Muriel's plan sounds interesting - I wonder how it will play out? Well, I'm on to read more...
7/30/2006 c2 Silent Force
Tasia's behavior continues to entertain me. Jestine is also an interesting character, but Tasia is still my favorite. Now I'm looking forward to what happens at the ball!
7/21/2006 c1 Silent Force
The idea behind this is very promising! I'm already liking Tasia and her eccentric family. And I'm interested as to how you'll put magic into the story. So far, nice job; I'll be back to read more soon!
7/11/2006 c1 36trash can art
Funfunfun. This sounds interesting. And off I go to read on!
7/4/2006 c8 4Chicanery A. Beguile
Wow, I haven't read in a long time. So much has happened! This is so great! I love it!
7/4/2006 c1 NO LONGER USING

This is awesome, I'll definitely be back reading some more, (*as I've gotta go-it's July 4th, and cookouts and more stuff, won't be the end of it...) Anyway I love the start of this...thanx for all those reviews on Define Beauty by the way, it helps when people are specific in reviews *something I should work on...

2/25/2006 c4 7gingerbeer
Baby emu! Yay! Again, loving the narration! Just a little knot to untie in your quote: "all that fat is finally getting to his brain, if _ had one to start out with..."

Yup! Oh gawrsh, more great quotes from Grandam: "Somebody pass me my granny-smith lipstick, I'm ready for my man."

Yay! Merde merde merded merde! J'adore le francais! The mailman! I can completely visualize Grandam's slideshow.

I can see this is heading for a Clash of the Devious Plans! Next chapter!
2/25/2006 c3 gingerbeer
Again, great descriptions, this time of the two sisters. Such a great contrast! I love the titles you gave them too: "Mary Agnes the flirt."

One thing you might want to watch out for is over-elongating a good sentence: "She was so old her wrinkles had wrinkles, and you could carry elephants in the bags under her eyes."
2/20/2006 c2 gingerbeer
E more humor!

I promised you constructive suggestions, but there's nothing stylistically imperfect about how you've written this! I'm still grinning from ear to ear as I read this... I'm still looking carefully through it, just in case I can help...

M... check the phrase "and there was a fire, and some caramel and ostrich hunters (got?) involved." By the way, that's such a humor highlight of this chapter!

Ahahahaha "How do you know he isnt?" Aw yes, next chapter!
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