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for Ophelia

11/14/2005 c1 16Islandbreeze
The beginning of this was so sweet, and then it got so painful, but the writing was wonderful throughout. The repetition of the drumming added impact, and the flow was good. It is a very good piece. Nice job
8/4/2005 c1 9Alteng
Ah, finally! I've been haveing problems getting Fictionpress to let me leave this review.

I can see the similarities to Hamlet here. Shakespeare did have the terrible tendency of having characters commit suicide and the lot!

The story sounds a lot like poetry, especially with the "r-r-ratta tat tat ratta tat tat" theme going through it.

A little technical piece for you. You have a few typos in the paragraphs about the Shrink. There probably a bit more, but those caught my eye.
5/31/2005 c1 2The Lark Ascending
Excellent motifs. Loved it.
5/31/2005 c1 5shootingstar247
wow..that was amazing. Excellent work.

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