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for Diary of an AssassinChapter 2 part 1

6/12/2005 c1 3Ballerina with a Gun
Die, Hoff. Die.

I canNOT wait for more! You have incredible talent for this kind of stuff! - Hurry up and update!
6/9/2005 c1 25Leoanda Taylor
Very cool! I love your assasin fics! And Alliya is well cool! Can't wait until your next one. I wonder what Numair will do. Oh and I have to ask, did you get the 'Numair' name from Tamora Peirce's books? Just out of curiosity! Ja ne!
6/1/2005 c1 kayttea
awesome, again! i like how your chapters are short. please update again soon im really enjoying this!

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