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for Refracting Melpomene

1/21/2006 c1 7Wayward Ballerina
Any chance you might be updating soon? :)

9/9/2005 c22 Wayward Ballerina
Short chapter. Good though. Intresting. Not much happened but still you do wonderful description and detail. :) Hope you update soon...
8/29/2005 c21 Wayward Ballerina
Intresting chapter. Thank-you for the review by the way, and for the update. It's almost reminds me of a novel I once read... Completely different though. Just written with a similar style. :)
8/19/2005 c20 Wayward Ballerina
Wow, I'm quite surprised at the lack of reviews. It's beautiful, imaginative. It just holds so much meaning. I hope you update it again soon. I'm intrigued.
7/27/2005 c1 5Melissa Wahl
Interesting first chapter. You are rally good at describing the setting, your characters, etc. I will keep reading and reviewing.
6/8/2005 c6 35pixy-dizzy
^^ Have I mentioned that I like your penname, too? It brings to mind song lyrics and poetry. Nice, that way, you know?

Ehm. I love the underlying metaphors and the surface simplicity of the story. These make it that much more real-which is a little odd, because even with the glamour and the of this world, your talented hand has rendered it real. Wonderful, superb work. Keep writing!
6/4/2005 c3 pixy-dizzy
Psh. I cannot believe that this doesn't have any reviews yet...I am severely disappointed with the reading audience of fictionpress.

The symbolism and imagery of this piece is extremely vivid. The grammaticaly incorrect parts of this work sometimes get to be a bit too much, but overall they add to the stylistic prose. Fragmented and abstracted-I love the broken glass feel of this.

Wonderful job. I'm so glad there're still excellent-quality writers on this site.

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