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2/13/2012 c1 2Antonis
Ive just read all three chapters and I love them all so much. The characters are so real and with real faults. Never a dull moment in this.

Thank you
7/24/2010 c3 methosdeb
I just read this and I loved it .I am working thru all of your stories and one is just better than the next one.
4/26/2008 c3 Feel The Waltz
I love how you make you stories so real. I never find them boring and thre never over the top. I orginally wasn't keen on Damon cause i was stupid and have read your writing in a wee bit of an odd order, but her certainly grew on me. :)
4/18/2006 c3 1Bedlam Chaos

Woaw. Your fic is just... Fantastic. I read it since sunday afternoon or monday morning and I couldn't get an eye of it except for food, sleep and school. Gosh. I have school tomorrow, I would wake up at 6.30 am and it is 49' after midnight.

I was addicted to it. Do you say that? In English, I mean. I'm french speaker so I'm not sure of the sentences that I write in this language ;-) .

If you want one of your story translate in french (especially this one) I would be thrilled to do it ^^.
4/17/2006 c1 Bedlam Chaos
How could I say what I feel at the end of this first part of your story. I enjoy it. In french, I wuld say that "j'en retire des émotions douces-amères". It's well written, argh. My Enhlish is too bad.
4/17/2006 c3 L. A. Solvang
I love your stories. They're fascinating and even despite what others might think; I find them strangely realistic. :3! I read "Life in the Suburbs" before any of the previous stories of Damon and Brett, so now I'm going to happily continue over to them and see how they got together in the first place. Seriously; keep it up, you're one of my favourite authors on FictionPress!
2/23/2006 c3 9S. Taylor
I luv this story - I think i'm going to have make a list of who's dating who, who broke up w/ who and who married who in Esquirella's story. Well got to go and continue writing mine. ty for the reviews. bye for now !
1/3/2006 c1 3gypsy madamme
why is it that every gay story abt adults written by a relative adult always has a lot of kinky shit, child and rape way to close together, and home made porno? does this sort of shit amuse you? is that all that can get u off/ no wonder there's so much gay prejudice in the world. god u don't even have a warning on this shit. as a mother ur failing horribly and it's people like you who contribute to all the wrong shit in this world. u know this site is for mainly teenagers and young adults. do u know what kind of ideas and seeds u cud put in someone's head who accidentally stumbled on it? at least put something in the damn summary. stories like this sholdn't be here anyway. i'm really sorry for ur child if he has to be raised by someone like you. the sad thing is i bet all ur stores are like this. waste of oxygen and time u are.
10/4/2005 c3 5Yoyo-chan
Haha, I didn't even notice when this one ended cause I was too entertained and of course it left me smiling. Aw. Lee is funny and I like their little screwed up family. And now I feel like I can read the one that came so highly recommended by virtue of being on a trusted friend's list with the bunch of chapters and over a hundred comments without being confused.
9/23/2005 c2 16sporkess
I really enjoyed the story - probably the first I’ve come across that made me leave the computer while I took a walk around the house to get my intense distress under control, and yet had me laughing hysterically in many places. The characters were all so realistic, and while they all had their problems and their emotional lows, the angst wasn’t overblown, and that made it all the better. I particularly liked all the banter between the characters, it was very cleverly done, so you see how the people work without being told straight out.

I came here trying to track down the Damon from Esquirella’s story, though, and it struck me that they seemed very different in the two stories. For example, in this story Damon seemed a lot more secure. Also, I have trouble equating the rocky relationship that I assumed from “Moving On” with the seemingly quite ordinary and good relationship in this one. I hope I don’t seem critical - I thought both interpretations of his character were well presented at the time, but they just looked a bit different.

My only real complaint is the unfinished nature of the story. You have this one, the beginning, and then you have the sequels, but you don’t bridge the gap between them. I gathered from your other stories that Brett and Damon broke up, but why? And when does Lee get a serious girlfriend? And a kid? I for one would be really interested in reading any updates that get stuck to this story, or any intermediary stories to complete that gap.

And yeah, I know this says Chapter 2, but I have read the whole story. It just won't let me post the review on Chapter 3.
7/10/2005 c3 32eldrin
I've read very few stories even half this good. The insight you show into the lives and personalities of people so different from each other is beyond amazing, and I absolutely love everyone you write. At the same time that I'm thinking how beautiful Brett and Damon are I can't help but wish that I hadn't read stories out of order... every 'I love you' is also tinged with the fact that I know something of the future. :( Hmm, I love them together anyways, and I love your superb writing.
7/9/2005 c1 eldrin
This actually gave me one of those 'Oh. Dear. God.' type of moments. But I have to say, excellent story, the characters come alive in the most amazing sense, and the writing certainly borders incredible. And now I continue to read...
6/4/2005 c3 1samalane
What really pisses me off, is that Damon left him, I have ahatred for him right now. Lots, he was so fucking happy with Brett, and they had a foster kid, Lee loved him. And he left. Go damnit, stupid stupid me, I should not review when I've got sad songs playing.

I could cry, you're never writing Damon again. I thought you did a fantastic job with him, much better than anyone will ever do, but she (I forget her name) is doing a great job.

6/1/2005 c3 M L
That chapter with Mike was.. very exposed. Poor guy. And the fridge.

Lee's an ass sometimes.

Woot. Took me a while. I love your characters.
6/1/2005 c2 M L
-cough- I just.. swallowed a piece of a.. pool toy. Thought I'd share that. Nothing like sitting around, fretting about unsatisfying chocolate, waiting for dusk and reading one of your obsenely long chaptered fics. Brett and Damon belong together. They just do. It's only slightly weird they're not. I still spend and inordinate amount of time wondering about Mikey over there, though. It's eating my brain. You could play mix and match with couples all day if you wanted to! But Brett and Damon are supposed to end up crashed together.
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