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for Forever is this instant

10/27/2005 c1 Perfect Bliss
God I actually re-read my reviews lol (how patheticly boring could you get?) and I sound totally like Elsi... crap... I'm starting to scare myself.

I'm going to go kill myself on the corner- I'll return later.

Oh... and just for hte record CHARLI IS SEXY" and yup Patrick is him (or a bit of how my twisted perverted mind imagines him to be)
10/27/2005 c1 Perfect Bliss
Oh fucking shit! I have to close the whole damn fictionpress window and re-open it because the bastards wouldn't let me comment again! even if it was an anonymus (not anonymus really) review.

That's why I'm parting to the better lands of deviantart in which they let you post MORE THAN ONE OR TWO OR THREE reviews per chap... devianition lol.

Well I forgot to tell you; I LOVE this so much. and I will keep it in my heart and if the favorite's in here weren't limitated like in deviantart! i would add this and it would made the top of my list! but argg... stupid site.. lol. Hope they don't remove this when they read it :D. Well love you and like I say; I re-read it once more and I like it more than teh 10 time.
10/27/2005 c1 Perfect Bliss
Okay it's a crap that they just let you post one review per chapter... yes it's crap what if you forgot to say something like; oh and by the way charlie is hot or something like that. That's why Deviantart it's more practical... yup. Well I wanted to tell you that you are my hero for writing this. How can words be so beautiful? I have no idea how you do it but every time I read it I like it more and more... and more... and more... okay I guess you gete the point lol. Hm.. this is so great really, I don't know what too say... First of all all the concepts of the words we should never say because are so strong, but we always say them anyway (oops I think I had just said Always... nevermind) well back to reality. Forever, never and always... they will always be such strong words- you are right, and I love the way that you stop to make me think about the meaning of such (aparently) simple words- that turn out to be as complex as "onomatopeya" or "paradoja" or hell even more. Now it's here, 12: 11 o clock in the night... and I can't help but wonder how many times I had said those words without thinking... You forgot...

By the way you also mention love... and you don't make it sound like a strong word, because you used all of the other components of a sentence and all the elements that imply the "love" words... and those other words you imply is what make the word "love" so strong...

Okay so last: I will ALWAYS love this poema and I will NEVER forget to re-read it over and over again. and the meaning of this beautiful composition will echo FOREVER if not in my head, surely in my heart.

Thanks for everyhing... love always your crazy next- bench- or how you want to call it friend.

P.S Awesome song! lol
6/7/2005 c1 38Perfect Bliss
Oh MiJA (m how to say mija in english? Mydaughter?) anyway this is awesome I can't believe yourself when you said this is crap. Not at all this is beautifuly touching... There are no words for me... I like it a lot! I know for who it is! please keep writing you are an awesome writer! and stop saying nonsensE Because you write beautifuly

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