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3/23/2007 c3 Dreaming One
"Perhaps he was trying to suicide and ran all the way to the top of the tower to jump off, but I guess I’ll never know."

You mean ' commit suicide', not just 'suicide'. :)

That's actually fanfiction, isn't it? Oh well, it's still cool.

I thought you were continuing along with one narrator, from chapter to chapter! Guess I should have paid more attention to the summary. ;)

I liked this one, but was confused as to the relationship between the scientist and the narrator. Was he an avuncular figure to her, fatherly, or are are those children she talks about actually ~their~ children? Wish you'd told us more about their ages.

I thought this was interesting. You could totally continue this one into a full length fic. You could do that with the others, too, but in this one you introduced actual characters, rather than just situations. ;)

Keep writing!

3/23/2007 c2 Dreaming One
Oh, okay. I'm starting to see the pattern. The point is that this narcissistic man sees her as an object, as something lifeless and unromantic as only modern day objects can be. The reason you've got those last line metaphors coming out of the blue is for contrast. Got it.

I like the cell phone better than the wrapper, because cell phones have the air of a status symbol to them too, and narcissistic people are obsessed with their own image.
3/23/2007 c1 Dreaming One
11/26/2006 c1 4And Your Little Dog Too
this is really good keep it up!

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