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7/31/2013 c1 darkmark
LIKED this one. Creepy.
4/19/2011 c1 2ChrisDrewRocksMyWorld124
That's a creepy way to remind people never to give out their information or be a bitch when chatting online. Anyways loved it but i don't think I'll be chatting online with strangers anytime soon.
7/28/2010 c1 6SAR132-4
Hey, I have a fictionpress, nothing too good on it.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that was a frightening fiction, I've been in chat rooms before and the one I'm in usually has the sort of language here (except weather related) and moderators are on there when we are so if you as much as hint about your location, you get talked to/banned.

Anyway, I guess MadChatter killed off Suppressed Mind? :( I liked her too!

12/20/2009 c1 36SarcasmIsPoetry
WAhh. Scary. :S

But well-written! *checks Add Story to Favorites*
1/10/2007 c1 54kaylajac
I like this. It's pretty interesting. One of those Computers Class horror-stories put in fiction form. The only thing that bothered me was how outrageously proper some of the people were. Sure, it's feasible, but most people don't really bother to have TOTALLY perfect grammar- I mean, most people don't even do that in real life xD Such as this:

"It astounds me that parents leave their kids unsupervised on the ‘Net when there are so many horror stories about predators stalking children. Bet most parents would ban their kids from chat rooms if they knew the kind of language they were using, too."

Or this:

"Usually someone who comes in for the express purpose of annoying the chatters in the room. They tend to be in the young to mid-teenage range with zero social, spelling and grammar skills. I like to mess with their minds when they cop all that stupid ‘Net-speak’ lingo."

And also, Candy didn't really give enough information for the 'MadChatter' to find her, I don't think, but he could have found it with alternative sources like her blogs or something.

Otherwise, very nice! Suspenseful, chilling, not to mention a REALLY good ending- I like the way the bot kicks him off, like everything is just usual and he isn't a murderer. Great job!
3/26/2006 c1 11Seisaset
wow, that is creepy. *shivers*
10/15/2005 c1 Kendra E Cameron
Gosh. That was creppy. really good, but creppy. Well done!
7/14/2005 c1 4idontgetit91
Wow. I kind of figured that was gonna happen, but the way you wrote it made it really good. Job well done.
6/6/2005 c1 account of no account
I like this one, but I think you could have done better to highten the suspense a little. I mean, you never really gave any evidence that Mind was dead other than what Mad said. Otherwise, pretty cool. Good portrayal of a real chat room and a real troll (only real trolls don't ordinarily kill people-I hope).
6/5/2005 c1 C. K. Holmes
Holy God, now I'm really scared. That was terrifyingly realistic . . . actually, it was just plain terrifying. Excellent story.
6/5/2005 c1 9lesseninglessons
Ha, that was brilliant! I'm adding it to my favorites right now. I love how you told the whole story through dialogue. The ending was somehow creepy and funny at the same time. Now I have yet another reason to stay away from those annoying trolls ...
6/5/2005 c1 81Princess-anna57
LOL! That was so great! ^_^ Cool!

Write on!

6/5/2005 c1 73Bitch Du Jour
Oh my god~! Is there going to be a sequel? O_o;; And of course, this reminds me of the movie Stangeland. Very very interesting! I like it, freaky, neat, very "hip" and present-day.
6/5/2005 c1 Demented Authoress
Wow. That was really something. I... have nothing else to say, except that at midnight, that was awfully scary, especially since I'm insanely paranoid.

It was awesome. ^^

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