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for I Whisper

7/25/2005 c1 12Chell-o Bodello
I love the format of this poem. Somehow, it seems to give this piece a deeper meaning. And makes it more appealing to the eye, I guess. Anyway, I loved it! ^_^

~ Lunchi
6/7/2005 c1 61The Rain's Kiss
I know you said this poem was suppose to be sad, but I don't think it is. It kind of sounds slightly more hopeful. Althoug the "i" in the poem is lonely, they are asking for help which is mroe than most people can do. I truly enjoyed this poem. Some good points were the spacing and meaning, and some bad were, well, nothing really. It was different, but good. Nice job.
6/5/2005 c1 8Slowly Sinking
Really emotive poem, and great formatting. Love the question at the end; very powerful. Good job.
6/5/2005 c1 14MisomeruBijin
Interesting format written in extremely sad I think I've been this person once before.

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