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8/7/2005 c5 2inconsequential me
maybe my favorite chapter so far. it's hard to say this early in the game, though. seriously though. excellently written and executed. good emotions. pretty impressive overall.
8/4/2005 c5 1bummertime
Sad but good chapter!
8/4/2005 c5 38Perfect Bliss
Poor Madison. This is beautiful. I love your way of writing really emotional. Great work !
8/3/2005 c5 Disoriented Waste
Tear Jerkers, Erlack! I can understand completly in a way, how Madison feels...

Eek.. At least Ryan, he knows how to keep people smilling.
8/3/2005 c5 gigigirl281
I'm afraid this is going to have to be a very short review because I have to leave for band camp in a few minutes.

This chapter, as the one before it, was very muy mucho sad. But, in a different way. I don't know... it kinda felt like Riles was hurting for Madison because she couldn't, if that makes any sense. It's odd how so many people seem to have loved her father, yet Madison simply can't (which is very understandable on her part). I would hate to be in that situation because I would just not know what to do. Excellent writing, can't wait til the next chapter.


(Harhar, I accidentally wrote "yeast")
7/27/2005 c4 1bummertime
Thats really sad. At first i was confused now i get it! Good chapter!
7/27/2005 c3 bummertime
So sad. Good chapter and i like MAdison's speech so true! (and positive!)
7/27/2005 c2 bummertime
OH! I get it! Good chapter!
7/25/2005 c1 bummertime
sad chappie but good. =D
7/24/2005 c4 gigigirl281
! That's so horrible- about Madison, I mean. I'm not sure whether to feel bad about her dad or not, which is what you were going for, I suppose. On the one hand, he is (was) her father and.. uh... her father. But on the other hand, he was the one who did all those inconsiderate things at the expense of the life of his child. So... as a person, I gyuess I'd be sad for his death, but as a father... nto so much.

Or maybe it's the other way around. o_O

It's really interesting how the roles in this chapter were reversed- how Riley felt so... er... imcompetent when she was in Madison's position. And that really is hard, being the advice-giver. I guess she knows that now, and can... I don't know. It's too late to be thinking.

Anyway, awesome chapter! I can't wait for the next one- which I'll be able to r&r for more quickly, hopefully.

7/23/2005 c4 38Perfect Bliss
Woow this was deep and sad. Por Maddison I don't blame her either... This is great please update soon!
7/22/2005 c4 Disoriented Waste
Soe of the topics and questions.. conversations in this story.. they remind me alot of the conversations I have in a way, Madison reminds me as myself.

Very trajic though... for once I'm happy someone did not say sorry... I guess Riles will need to be the rock for a while... once the shock fades. I think for me, I see more insight into Madisons character than Riley ... or maybe that's your plan :P
7/22/2005 c4 2inconsequential me
((did you send me a message about updating? i don't know if i ever received one, this time...))

i don't know how you do it. i mean, this is very beautifully written. because there's so much chaos and confusion, and it's such an extreme topic... i kind of thought it was going to be one of her parents. it makes sense. well, in a very sad sort of way.

poor girl. i can't imagine living with something like that.

but i really liked the chapter, despite it's eeriness.

you did a really good job with riley this chapter. we know more of her now. and i'm beginning to like her a lot, as a character.

7/21/2005 c4 4False Advertisement
Tragic. Moving, simple and tragic. I loved it. I'm simply amazed at you again. She's such a dreamer. Gah, it's well put together.

7/12/2005 c1 13NehemiaH
oh julia julia julia. really. i don't need to elaborate anymore. you've done it. go look at my author's list.
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