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9/23/2020 c21 Guest
So I know it's been about 15 years since this story was first published . . .

but oh my God.

I can't get over how good it was.

I spent over two hours at a Half-Price Books the other day, perusing their mystery selection in hopes of finding something . . . well, something engaging and enjoyable. But almost every single book I picked up and examined had the exact same problem, and it drove me insane.

In every single mystery I picked up that had a male protagonist, that male protagonist was the exact same character over and over again: an alcoholic sleazebag who's super morally gray and is extremely disrespectful of women. Maybe that particular bookstore just had a particularly bad selection, but holy crap, it drove me crazy.

So, remembering this website from my younger years, I came here.

And I'm still in shock at how good this story is.

My only complaint is that, to my knowledge, it is unpublished and I cannot hold a physical copy of it in my hands.

Don't know what you're up to these days, author, but if by some great miracle you happen to see this, let me be the first to beg you to publish this book. You gave me hope for the mystery genre as a whole, and as someone who has a hard time getting as into a book as I used to, take it as the highest compliment that I could not put this down. I stayed up until 2:00AM to finish it.

It makes me quite sad to see that you haven't really been around on this site for . . . well, years. I would love to read more of your works.

Anyways, I just couldn't not leave a review after finishing this fantastic story. There's no chance you'll ever see it, but I just had to say: this is a damn good book.

Wherever you are, I hope you're well and that you've kept on writing.
3/25/2013 c21 WP
This is really good! I loved the story, and the characters... and also the hint with the milk bottles and how it's mentioned at the end.

Though in one chapter (sorry, can't remember which) you used the word "indignity" instead of "indignation"...I think.
2/9/2011 c21 1Lux Veritas
I really enjoyed reading this story. I read it all morning and it kept me entertained while I wasn't feeling my best. Stikup was such an amusing and likeable character, and I love his budding romance with Jill. I'm a die-hard romantic, I will admit, but the ending was beautiful and realistic enough that it wasn't a sappy happily-ever-after, but a believable sweet ending.

That being said, Jill was a lovely character, and although she seemed so sweet and kind, she was not unbearably perfect (which always irritates me with writers who try to create nice characters, and make them -too- nice). The same goes of Stikup, I really enjoyed his take on being a PI, and his sense of humour (I laughed, several times, at some of his lines. While some people in the story didn't find him that amusing, I sure did!)

I was very impressed with your story, and wish there was more adventures of Stikup to read!

Wonderful story, and beautiful writing, thank you for putting this story up so that I might stumble upon it

-Lux V.
7/27/2010 c3 Supernova3217
Awesome, another good chapter and the plot thickens, haha :] As for the publishing thing, I wish you luck and if this, hopefully, makes it to the bookshelves, I'm defiantly going to buy it! :3

I totally think Mendoza's lying, anyone that has a weird fetish for putting animal heads on their walls has to be a bad guy.
7/26/2010 c2 Supernova3217
I love how easy this story is to read and I keep liking Mr. Stikup more and more hehe :]
7/26/2010 c1 Supernova3217
Wow, even though nothing remotely exciting happened in the first chapter, it wasn't boring to read at all. :] I love what you've done with your character and his personality and I can't wait to read more about him. It's not often I find a good story like this, so I'm happy. Can't wait to finish it. :3
6/15/2009 c21 Kuroa
Splendid. The story flows in a perfect circle. I really enjoyed reading your story till the point of addiction, where i neglected my other necessities.
4/8/2009 c21 2A Freak Like Me
Dude! This story's soo good..I really liked it! Makes me wonder why the hell it hasn't got more reviews? Oh well, ppl don't know what they're missing. Great story seriously..and I'm adding this to my faves whether you like it or not :p
2/19/2007 c1 6lux in tenebris
Gotta love that humor. How come I didn't even get a whiff of it when I was reading your other story? Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough.

Now, I have a question. Yes, a question. Why is the rating for this story M? Now, the other "M" stories I've read, I've started reviewing, and then by the fifth chapter, I have to cover my own eyes while reading. How that works, I don't even know... And then I have to sadly go find another story, because I don't believe in porn in the form of words. (Also, because of my mom's voice, also known as my conscience, shouting in my ear).

And if you're asking why I'm reading your story despite my previous experiences with stories of that particular rating? Because I heard that there was a 'dashing' hero to be found saving the day. And as I'm sure you must know by now, I am not one to pass up one of them dashing young men. [Grin].

So, Mr. Stikup is our dashing hero, then? Please don't tell me you modeled him after yourself... =)
7/14/2006 c9 58Marionette Dancer
omg, that was so amazing! wow, i am totally in awe...wonderful! aw, i loved it...i cant believe how good you did building up to the last chapter, and then letting it all out... fantastic...totally on my faves

7/13/2006 c4 Marionette Dancer
wow, thats all i can say...
7/13/2006 c3 Marionette Dancer
omg, its getting so good, i dont wanna take the time to review, so im gonna go read!
7/13/2006 c2 Marionette Dancer
MENDOZA! i thinks this be really good...wow, on with the rest...
7/13/2006 c1 Marionette Dancer
very good introductory chapter, enjoyed it...on with the story...
4/25/2006 c9 13KimHua
Wow, that was a good story. :-) The suspense built well, and though I suspected Mendoza it wasn't *too* obvious. :-)
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