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9/20/2017 c24 5ramblingrobin
I'm sad there isn't more, but thank you for the story. Xoxo Robin
9/20/2017 c23 ramblingrobin
Aww I love this. They're such a sweet couple. Xoxo Robin
9/19/2017 c11 ramblingrobin
Yum yum yum yum! Xoxo Robin
9/19/2017 c5 ramblingrobin
I love it! I now have a very serious Kurt-Travis ship. None can overpower my ship. Xoxo Robin
9/19/2017 c4 ramblingrobin
This made me squee! I love Kurtis! Xoxo Robin
9/19/2017 c2 ramblingrobin
Well that turned delightfully yummy fast. I approve of his masturbation practices. Sexiness aside, I like the story. The character development is very good. Xoxo Robin
3/16/2014 c24 5Blueyes57
Good Grief! This thing has not been updated for 8 years?
4/21/2013 c24 Syssilar
I really wish you two would finish this, it is an awesome story! Hopefully one day it can be finished, until then I will keep my eye on it.
12/31/2012 c24 Evil And Proud
seeing that this is story is clearly dead and is never, ever, going to update I am going to jump into conclusions and proclaim that this is the end.

Which is fine by me, as though this is hardly satisfying you already gave away how they will end up together so its enough for me.
12/31/2011 c1 CharlieTehUnicron
I absolutely love this story. I've reread it a gajillion times. It's still amazing.
2/1/2011 c24 DNAstar
is that the end of the story? anyway great story, so cute i'll go read your other one's now :P
5/15/2010 c18 5Nameless Shana
Everything is running smoothly ^.^ that's good. the only thing that's not good is max. I thought he was broke. Where did he get the money?
5/15/2010 c10 Nameless Shana
why three days? It's good that he took the news well...really good actually
5/15/2010 c7 Nameless Shana
-cheers- they're going on a date!. they seem good for each other but they only met each other a few days ago...
5/15/2010 c4 Nameless Shana
I wonder if Kurt will be just like him...i hope now. i like kurt...
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