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for When Jesus Walked on Water

6/13/2005 c1 Namewithheld
Woah... um... did... she... die? What happened? I feel like I missed something... Did she take the pills and kill herself or did she not? Is it painfully obvious, what she did, or does anyone else not get it?ARGH. I feel so left out!~Namewithheld
6/13/2005 c1 40klh2003
Wow... that made me think. Especially the paragraph that says: She thinks it’s ironic. A baby, as soon as it’s born, begins to grow and die at the same time. Each day they live, it’s a day closer to death. It’s a day closer to rotting six feet under. It’s growing closer toward the inevitable halt of your heart’s beating and your brain’s activity... oh ya and the one explaining how death is like nothing. very good word choice... AWESOME STORY! Keep up the good writing! RoCk On! -kayla lynn (aka klh2003)

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