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3/6/2007 c1 136LilLaTLuv

Okay...I understand the feeling and the sentiment. Can't completely agree, though. Because, well, when you're a teenager, you're NOT your own person yet. You're developing the person you are going to be. So, you're in the process of becoming your own person. But, once you are your own person, you should be allowed to make those choices. And, well, different people do develop at different ages. That's true, too.

It's just complicated.

But, hey, don't listen to me about it. I'm just seventeen, myself. I've developed most of who I am, and started being independent, so I understand. KEEP WRITING!

Luv ya,

Tashi :)
6/30/2005 c1 lilsakura
good! i like the repetition, it adds meaning. :) I would just change one thing, and that is the part where it says

Then why do I have to do things like my older sister did them?

And why do I have to be the same age she was when she did them?

I would change that to be more generic, so that it includes/relates to all readers. For example:

Then why do I have to things like everyone else has done them?

And why do I have to be the same age they were when they did them?

Gah that was a mediocre example. But you understand what I'm getting at, right?All in all, I like this poem! =)

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