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for Last Night

8/8/2005 c1 2Ryenon
this is great, you're truley and artist!
6/16/2005 c1 216ygg
Powerful haiku! Very sad, very depressive.. But I like it :)
6/15/2005 c1 6Nobody-n-Particular
Being ignored is definitely no fun.
6/15/2005 c1 David Stephen
This is really intense and strong with a sort of air of sadness and ... disillusion with life. Great - keep at the writing. Thank you also for your review. You asked 'do the beginnings of the line have to be capitalized?' the short answer is it depends on what type of poem you are writing. For example, free verse or blank verse - absolutely definitely not. See, each line flows on from each other. And in most other poems there is no need. Capitals (obviously) come after full stops so you could have (off the top of my head!):

See this is a short poemof many things.It is a way of describing,and of course, capitalization.

See there? The 2nd and 4th lines DO NOT need capitals. They usually come after full stops, but there is NO reason not to put capitals if you want to. It's a matter of preference really lol. You may not have heard, but a short story of mine, Glittering Rain Glittering Shards came third in a competition, so I was asking people who had reviewed it permission to put there reviews on my website. Did u get my email asking you? I am sure I sent it at some point - if not - can I have permission to use your review? Thanks, keep writing, ~David~

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