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for The 40 Story Laser Spewing Reptilian Behemoth

6/22/2005 c1 29Hangman
Awesome story, thanks for my review btw. I dont know what to replace the f word with. Anyway, this story had a nice progression and nice development except I find that the message was a bit confused. Essentially you were saying that Bennington had a choice over his destiny, yet in the VERY END you demonstrate that he was preordained to death. I liked the language, it was a very peculiar scenario and a nice conversation and a nice, well-written, well-rounded story. Excellent work by any standards. However, as I said, I find the message to be unclear, if there at all. I think it hinders the overall top quality of this piece.

6/15/2005 c1 33Pomaikai
HAha! I like this. Very funny!

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