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for Woman's World: Apostasy

11/4/2009 c1 anonymus
OH MY GOSH! I remember reading this series way back!

CONGRATULATIONS =D that is so cool, will it be available for sale in Australia? ^^" hehe

Just wanted to say I'm really happy to hear you got your story published and I hope all goes well for you. The story is awesome and (there's a 3rd book? *gasps*) this series is so going to be worth buying.
7/22/2009 c11 Odasetr
Hi there. I am a ghost reader who just wanted to let you know that I am eating and enjoying your story. Keep up the good work! (yum)

MUAHHAHAHAHAHA *chomps on the mouse and lurks about the story




mm... sorry... hyper

Not to sound repetitive, but I love your writing!

Apologies for polylogizing... TOODLES!
7/21/2009 c12 2daydee
Dear Savannah,

I have been reading this series ever since the first chapter of WW, and wanted to let you know that it has a far superior and original plotline, with more realistic characters and is much better written than anything I could ever have come up with. Also, I think Shae is totally more bish than Harry.

Sincerely yours,

JK Rowling

btw, what does bish mean?

7/4/2009 c56 The Wish House
NO! How could you!


P.S. I lurve your stories. Futuristic dystopias are totally my favourites.
6/20/2009 c56 nonsenescent
The vignettes in italics are so beautifully-written. I love it. I love this story. I can't wait for you to publish. I'm going to read what's up of "Insurrection" now.

PS: When the books start coming out, tell us!
6/13/2009 c14 Shhsilence
I, alas have been one of those horrible Ghost Readers...But I do love the story and have not found typos or grammatical errors to point out ...and you know the story is fab..so ...

BUT anyhow- the purpose of this review was to tell you how HILARIOUS I find those "copy and paste" review bits. Kudos to you for that.


I look forward to finishing the series...
5/14/2009 c40 Stargazer05


I love this series!
3/2/2009 c60 3Ekkaia
Ahh, what's up with all these cliffies at the ends of books? No fear, I shall go and read Insurrection next. ;)

Charolyn's death... I kind of expected that. And I kind of expected Shae's "death" as well, because I'm kind of angsty/morbid when predicting plot twists like that. But I totally
2/28/2009 c56 AJ southern
Absolutely Loved it! I enjoy all the suspense and drama you create... nicely done! You deserve to be published!
2/27/2009 c42 AJ southern
I'm glad to know that you never did take down this story... it is too amazing to not be shared for all! Thanks : )
12/28/2008 c60 MorriganCrow
Great story,(though I totally called Charolyn getting killed way back) , sad that you haven't revived shea yet, but i suspect that is coming and he will re-appear in the first half of the last book. I'm very happy that you got an agent and i will definitely by the books when they come out in print! (though they will not having your charming end notes)

I would be careful with a few things such as the Poetess' character- I would try and make sure that her dialogue does not become to flat, she is a poetess for cryin' out loud, craft her some of her sentences, be careful with word choice. Also i would tie her thinking into her writing process. If she writes poetry with minuet attention to detail, then she would notice small details in her every day life.

This is just really nit-picky stuff, you can choose to toss it out :P

Anyway imma go and read insurrection. Keep up the good work!

*Toddles off*
12/21/2008 c10 2crecentmoon89
ok i will personally (sp?) kill you if Shae falls in love with Laina. btw finish the thrid as i am going on a trip for 5 days. this means that i will be stuck in a hotel room reading your stories and will be very sad if the third isnt finished by then
12/19/2008 c54 2NRsaint
Dear Savannah,

I like this story because: well its fucking incredible. is it okay for me to say that? for some reason i dont think so but i never said i was the one for words here...

I dislike this story because: i dont like the poetess all that much. yeah i understand thats her lifes hard and that everything sucks and she misses shae blahblahblah sometimes i wish she was more independant

I want to marry this story because: even though marrying stories might possibly be illegal- i think that we would live happily ever after.

You should add to the story: more of her poems and stuff. i liked the one that time where she wrote about not being able to have children- itd be really cool to see more of that.

I will find you and attack you with pitchforks if you do this in the remaining chapters: well i know this has already been written so this and the previous probably doesnt mean much but hell kill him. and i know you know who i mean when i say him. then i will be pretty upset.

-Reviewer X
12/19/2008 c53 NRsaint
Dear Savannah,

You need more Oompa Loompas in your story.

-Your fan, Roald Dahl

i concur.
12/19/2008 c20 NRsaint
Dear Savannah,

Please forgive me for not reviewing you before. I am an ignorant, selfish poopy-head, but I have now realized the error of my ways and am reviewing to tell you that I love you and I love your story and I love cheese and the color blue and you rock. And I totally voted for you and you should win

i also love corn on the cob corny stories.
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