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4/13/2020 c2 5BlueAki
Hi! I remembered reading your story a long time ago and really wanted to read it again. I tried looking on Valent Chamber ( I have no idea what TST is) and couldn't find your blog. I'd really love to read this again and would love to know how. Thanks again for all your awesome work!
6/27/2018 c2 line78
Can u please post the story back up, I really want to read it
6/14/2017 c3 Guest
1/8/2016 c2 Addict
Please put it back up!
1/24/2015 c2 Blu
Can u please post the story back up, I really want to read it
6/3/2014 c39 Just a reader
I'm just a reader and sadly I wasn't able to enjoy this story like everyone else. I read the chapters where you mentioned about the person who stole your story. I only read chapter 1(only chapter up) and I have to say it was awesome, and the person's adaptian of it was just awful, like a 9 year old wrote it...anyways could you please put it back up please and thankyou, and if it was published I would certainly like to know the name and where I can access it. Really good so far and I
Just want to have more of this story. reader
6/22/2013 c1 Guest
6/19/2013 c1 monsgors
I like the first chapter, are you going to finish it on here?
7/1/2012 c10 Guest
Adrian is sooooooo stupid sometimes it gets me mad
6/5/2012 c40 Guest
Naw, I'm sad to see this go but I wish you well. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read it :)
5/22/2012 c39 Dwindling Fire
Hey lovely,

I've obviously read this after the whole plagiarism issue and that sucks but thankfully it's over. Thanks for not taking it down though or else I would never have had the chance to read this wonderful piece. It's honestly amazing. I can't express the journey my emotions went through while reading this. With my best friends best friend who went through cancer and passed away, idk it touched my heart I guess.

Thank you so much for this, and all the hard work and effort you obviously put into it.

Just thought I should let you know that I'm grateful you wrote it and still kept it up after the plagiarism shit that happened.

Thank you so much 3
4/25/2012 c37 2frostykitten
That was a great story, but it took me forever to read! I suppose I should have checked the word count before I sat down, determined to read the entire thing. I love that I've been to most of the places that the characters were talking about instead of it taking place somewhere in the States that I've never heard of. Besides the occasional mix up of too vs to, your vs you're, I love everything!

2/20/2012 c25 NYR
That phone conversation was PRICELESS! I just about cried from laughing. Seriously.
2/20/2012 c39 372898
So sorry that happened to you, that's horrible.

I find that her authors note

("Author's Note: There was one review I had received the other day, comparing me to another author on fictionpress and saying that the last chapter and story were alike.

I am just letting you know, that we are not the same authors, this story does have freakish similarities, and I see what you're talking about. I sincerely hope these sorts of bloopers don't pop up again.")

is a sick way to justify her plagiarism. Please don't take your story down, its amazing and we (your fans) shouldn't have our chance to read your wonderful work taken away from us just because of one person's bad judgement.
2/16/2012 c39 Dymond
Did you write this story on Valent Chamber?
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