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11/24/2012 c9 Rikard of Sweden
Why o why have you abandoned us?
10/20/2010 c9 3Chelsea Grin
Pls continue! loving your story =D
12/26/2006 c9 6Crewger
do continue! You're the next J.R.R. Tolkien!
12/20/2006 c9 12Jade Elf
Wonderful story. I loce the charecter development you took a broken sparrow and are turning her into an eagle. To use one of your metaphores. Great use of language by the way, your vocabulary is refreshing. So any time in the future are you going to explain why Avin or rather the demon that is possessing her still fallows Vorchay?
7/16/2006 c9 Grave At.tention
Hey! ^_^ I'm just leaving this review in hope that it might motivate you to update this story though i think it will be unlikely as i rarely can create speeches that strike up determination/courage or even interest so yeahh...my motivational skills aren't that great. I'm hardly ever motivated to do something myself but i'll comtinue on ignoing that fact.

This story is FABULOUS! and so interesting and cool! and deserves much more recognition! So please update soon. Though if you've been busy it's completely understandable! Umm yeah...^_^
11/6/2005 c9 FiLLiPA
Yay! you updated this story. I couldn't believe as i was reading through the titles and i saw this. i was like "No Way!" So continue as i absolutely love this story!Oh i can't help smiling!Can't wait to see if there is gonna be any fighting in the next chapter where Vorchay kicks some ass, maybe? ::sigh:: Etrayos protected Vorchay. Put himself in the line of fire. How sweet...^_^

7/26/2005 c1 4SomniaRie
Sorry I haven't reviewed in a while, I've been side tracked with work and Harry Potter.

Excellent start to the second part, I love that they're all together again. You do a wonderful job at recreating a sense of comraderie. The part where Odocorr sat down next to Etrayos to hand him ingredients for dinner made me smile.

And scorpions hurt like no other, heh, I'd like to have Schiard around my house.

I'm looking forward to catching up, and eventually getting to read your Blue stories. Happy writing!
7/11/2005 c7 FiLLiPA
hehehe...Fictionpress wouldn't allow me to review the same chappie twice so I went to one that I could review from. (I'm so evil! mwha ha ha)Anyways what I wanted to say that I missed out on saying in my overly-long and written by a madwoman review was 'Thank-you' for updating so quickly!

Got to go now. Fictionpress security guards have found out where I live and are after me since I reviewed twice in one day and only a few minutes apart! .:*gasp*:.

But don't worry about me I'll lead the FP's security guards in a mad Goose Chase for three weeks and then I'll be back...ready to read a great story (nudge,nudge)
7/11/2005 c8 FiLLiPA
True. That's the way of life...

Hiatus AND No-posting for three weeks? This news given to us all in one update! Too much for me to handle! .:* uncontrollably sobs*:...:*sniff*:. I'm sure I'll get over it...I just need a couple of weeks (maybe three!). I, slowly, comfort myself by thinking that in three weeks time (from Friday) you'll be back and (as always)a wonderfully fantastic story too (no pressure)!

I was going to say that I'll be a 'wtf-er reader' but since I have three weeks of no-Mirotori-authored stories, I'll probably start to read the Blue stories...and find another good author/s. .:*sigh*:.

I do find it funny though when you write 'unedited, crappy, but it gets stuff done' before the chapter and I read it and it's still a very good read!Oh your author-skills are a force to be reckoned with...I better finish now. I seem to be rambling on. I'm not even sure is some of what I said made sense! Well here's a long review, short. Your a fantastic writer and the story is absolutely fab-u-lous!

hehehe...he,FiLLiPA MWHA HA HA HA
7/10/2005 c8 7You Need More Flair
GAH. I'm so sick of FP... I didn't get the alert from the last chapter...

Excellent chapter...

So when Vorchay was fighting the demons, she was a sort of astral projection? Or was she in another dimension and Coeni was just an inhabitant?

I cannot WAIT for the next Blue story! I love Vorchay, but Blue's story is like... My heart. I've read both of the stories completely through at least four times, and my favorite chapters many, many times...
7/8/2005 c7 FiLLiPA
I absolutely love this story!It's one of my favourites! I'm always on hoping to see if you've updated.Your a great writer and the story is very well written (eventhough, you say, it's a semi-edited chapter!)I find it funny how Etrayos is hostile to men around Vorchay...and it's also cute! But i was wondering whether Vorchay has noticed his protectiveness/love(?) of her? Or does she realise but ignore it? I admire your drawings on deviantart. You have a gift that I envy...

~^_^~ Please update quickly! FiLLiPA
7/7/2005 c7 lagomilo
Oh, this is coming along nicely. A nice slow but strong build towards a great conclusion which from you other writings wont happen for quite sometime. I am anxiously awaiting whatever comes next. One question though? Does Vorchay realy understand Etrayos feelings/fixation with/for her.
7/6/2005 c7 Aiko
Oh, and the tension mounts. I'm loving Vorrodo's character. The princess could do with a little backbone, but then, that's my opinion of many people. To each her own, I suppose. Wonderful, keep it up.
7/6/2005 c1 1MomentumV1
hey i really like it was awesome check out my story its called Souless
7/5/2005 c6 7You Need More Flair
The whole beginning was... WHEW! Incredibly sad! Vorchay really did need the reminder that she wasn't fighting for all those asshole Gods. She was fighting for the people who couldn't protect themselves. Great job on this whole part:

"'The innocents who will be killed if you lose,' he answered quietly. 'The young men who will give their lives to defend their homes. The children who will be sold into slavery. The women who will be ravaged.' His hand lifted and cupped the back of her head. He pulled her away, wiping the tears away from the corners of her gray eyes. 'The Gods are only an excuse to do good. Don’t worry about Them, but don’t expect anything of Them. It is not They who you fight for.'"

Vorrodo is a very interesting character. I'm not sure what I think of him, but from this chapter I get the feeling that he's not sure what to think of himself... I still love Avin the best... Even more than I love Etrayos! (And that's saying something. :P)

I like each and every chapter, but this one (for some reason) I effing adore. Great job.

I hope you have lots of fun on your trip.
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