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8/27/2006 c11 4Mynoris
Wow. And I mean, Wow. This story had me hooked. Badly. My hubby literally had to drag me away for sleep.I've seen a few typos here and there, but everyone makes those. The story flows nicely and the plot is intriguing as you switch between the brothers.Two thumbs up!
7/27/2006 c1 2Jenniexb
great start
6/30/2005 c6 Walter Dash
I received your e-mail and thought it most appropriate to post my response here. I don't think that the death of the Elder was anticlimatic or anything. He was arrogent and that was his mistake. He sent away all his allies that might help him in order to cover up his lies. I do think though that the way the Elder spilled out all those secrets before he planned to kill Blaze was without a doubt cliche. That kind of thing is in every single James Bond movie made and is overused. I think that maybe you should cut that down to a few key phrases. Maybe have the Elder taunt the Hunters about it without really giving anything away, but have what he says get Blaze thinking on it, til he figures it out. Does that make sense?
6/27/2005 c5 Gypsy
Hey Chong-e-chong. i thought i'd leave you a review 'cause i wanted to. you already know that i'm reading and loving your book because i always bug you to continue writing more. i love all five chapters so far and the cliffhanger is driving me crazy...i want more! it's also really fun if you know who some of the characters are based off of...he he he, you know our friends. ok, i'll talk to you later. waiting for more! -allison
6/26/2005 c1 4Sanitystealer
hey! really enjoying your story so far. i just want you to know that i really like to review stories and that i semi-kinda-half-way know what i'm talking about. eventually, i will go through and review each chapter individually, but tis late right now... overall though, i think this story has definite potential. it's very enjoyable to read, and the characters are strong and interesting. it's hard to give a really good review on just five chapters, but i really like the way you move the plot along, and you're very good at leaving the cliff-hangers. keep going!

6/26/2005 c5 2Mytheos
I just wanted to say I love the story and am rather shocked that you don't have reviews. I can't wait for the next chapter and I hope you write the other related books as well.

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