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for The Silent Sonata

6/24/2005 c2 WarriorHeart
OMG! This is amazing! I love it! YOU ROCK! MORE, PLEASE, MORE!

Reading it sends a little electric current through me...
6/20/2005 c1 WarriorHeart
Awesome first chapter! My first thought for its direction, is just don't let it become Everwood! Not that I think you would ever do that. I loved the way you described Charlie in connection to the music, I can picture him playing on the keys and hear the music pouring out of his soul. *sniffles* I want the next chapter so badly now!
6/19/2005 c1 midsea
Oh, you better update this, young lady. This is one amazing piece of writing. It's so descriptive. I was intrigued by the time the first two sentences were over.

Do update, *bats eyelashes and pouts*
6/19/2005 c1 126swift sky silver
i wanted to write a story that dealt with music, but it never turned out. this is great. keep up the great work. =0)

ps. could you read 'Tragic Traitor Tactics'? i'd really like to know what you think of it.

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