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for Reviews: Giving and Receiving Gracefully

12/25/2018 c1 14The Cybersmith
I prefer reviews that are mostly positive (who doesn't?), but I don't like it when people just say 'this is good' because it's a blanket term that is extremely vague and I don't grow from that.

I prefer to have a review more like 'this chapter was great! The realistic dialogue and the way the chracters interact make it feel more like you're living through it than just reading it!'

But I also like when I get constructive criticism, since it means the people who wrote it care about my story enough to want it to get better.

I review both of these types, and the extremely rare 'I'm sorry, but what the hell?' if I can barely understand a story, whether it be grammatical issues or plot pacing, etc.
2/4/2010 c1 4BrokePerception
Thank you for posting! :)
6/18/2008 c1 nadljfaithglingh
Wonderful essay. I like how you're elaborate enough to make your points, but you don't beat them to death. And the summing up at the end...always good for people with wandering attention such as myself :)

If there were some sort of unofficial guide for fictionpress users (is there?), this would definitely be in it.
9/16/2007 c1 14S. A. Hanna
This is really helpful. It's obvious that you really thought this out before you put it up. I've made several of the mistakes that you've mentioned (such as revenge reviews).

And thank you for reviewing my evolution essay. I appreciate how you can give critisism and make it sound nice, which is very unlike some people who have reviewed that piece.
3/8/2006 c1 Jauvas
12/25/2005 c1 4Tikvah Ariel
"I’m no aware of any"

You meant 'not' I think.

I was refeered to this peice of writing by Typewriter King because I recently wrote one of a similair sort.

"for terrible insults like suggesting somebody add a comma."

I really liked this line, because it added a bit of humour which fit into your writing style and managed to liven up the peice a bit.

The closing quotes are nice quotes, but to me they seem not to sum it up nicely because it no longer is your words.

Although this is all on receiving without being offended, I thought you could of gone into detail about the other aspects of the review.
11/5/2005 c1 1Goddess Aurora
Thank you for the tips. I agree with everything you said. It's quite frustrating when you are waiting for reviews, and there aren't any. As for flames, there are always some people who just like to piss off people. In that case, we just need to stay cool. Your suggestions are pretty helpful. I will keep that in mind. =)
10/25/2005 c1 2Jennifer H. Westall
Well put. I have been discouraged because I'm not getting any reviews, but you're right about there being so many writers. I will just keep diligently reading and reviewing and hope someone wants to return the favor. *Hint, hint* :)
9/25/2005 c1 1Ellalune
All true and VERY well written! I would also like to thank you for reveiwing my work.

ella de lune
9/4/2005 c1 13J-fr0
funny...i am more compelled to go back to work after being praised.

nevertheless, i always have my spam bot ready for anyone who decides to give me a bad review :D ::cough cough::Roth Jpalse Sammuels::cough cough::

by the way, im just joshing
8/23/2005 c1 11digigirl02
Thanks, for it was helpful, I have gotten little or no reviews, and that had made me feel hurt, because I review alot (mostly on fanfiction.net)so I know how you feel. I have also got bad reviews, that sometimes the best thing I found to do is to laugh it off.
8/20/2005 c1 Gritting
HHA! As if you were ab authority. Bitch!
7/3/2005 c1 1Madcow13
A nice piece of work. I try to give constructive reviews when I can but it isn't always easy for me to express what I feel could improve their work. I personally love to receive constructive criticism (thank you for reviewing my work while we're at that, that was a very helpful review... I know you said not to talk about a previous review so I'll stop now) and I prefer it to the 'great. keep it up'. I want to grow as a writer and I can only do that with help. So anyway, I agree with your views on reviews. Sorry if this isn't very constructive but you've done it so I don't really have much to say.
7/1/2005 c1 6Nobody-n-Particular
Amusing. I find this refreshing since too often people give reviews that do not help a writer grow. I tend to be more kind in my reviews, but I still will point out something I liked or I didn't rather than the something bland unless I know the person. Anyway, that information was unnecessary. The point is I hope this will motivate people to at least leave constructive criticism more often.
6/29/2005 c1 38alligater20
Thank you very much for writing and posting this. I agree with you on all points, and I'm sure most people do, as it's just common etiquette of FP. However it's not really about whether people agree with them or not, but whether they follow them. Which they don't. This is so truthful, and I wish that somehow you could make everyone read this and follow the "rules". God I wish that would happen... But thanks anyways for posting this. At least SOME people will read it and learn something.
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