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5/22/2006 c9 10Teshgirl
Whee! Congrats on finishing your 1st story! Sequel, sequel, sequel! XD

Kuja: Pleeze?

Hakkana: With sugar?

Sepona: And magic?

Me: *giggles* I liked the coming home scene. ^^ It IS good to come home after something REALLY bad happens. *nod* Oo, but what 'bout Lieth?

On to reading your CoP replacement! *grins* Again, congrats! :D

Tesh : )
5/22/2006 c8 Teshgirl
Gah, DG- no- SoK, I haven't reviewed your stories! : ( I've been very lazy lately... *sigh* Soo, here's my VERY late review.

Yey, Lieth and Karen and Sarabre are free!

Oo... Shadarin can't travel through time? o.o It certainly IS welcome news. : )

On to teh next chappie!

Tesh :D
3/12/2006 c9 2Casey Drake
WHOOP! w00t!

but what about Lieth?

:) CD
3/5/2006 c8 Casey Drake

*stares at computer screen* *mutters* update... update... update...

Irian: You can't Send through the computer, as much as I hate to tell you.


:) CD
9/19/2005 c7 18Wondering Wolf
Hey ,great story. Ok about The elementals, I messed up, it's fixed now. Um when are you putting up the next chapter? I'd really like to know
9/2/2005 c7 10Teshgirl
Tesh: Yay for TT fans! :D

Kuja: *rolls eyes*

Tesh: Hey! Anyhoo, this was a good chapter- don't be hard on yourself. ^^ Go away, writer's block! :OIt's good that Karen and Sarabre might get some help, yays! Help them, Lieth! Please!

Sepona: *nods*

Kuja: *nods as well*

Hakkana: I agree, too. Yep.

Tesh: *Is happy that everyone is in agreement* Btw, sorry that I couldn't review right away, school is starting. *shudder*

Kuja, Hakkana, Sepona, and Tesh: Update when ya can!

Tesh : )
9/1/2005 c7 12Lccorp2

Archdemon Duffikus the Devourer:

It's just after the Board Meeting at Evil Inc. on the Demonic Planes, and it seems that I just got referred to this via Casey Drake through her bio...so without ado, let's take a look at this...

Oh, goody...seems like we have another Dreamer on our hands...yes we do...being a Dreamer is a hard thing...poor Karen...having someone live in you is a cruel and unusual thing too...that's why we enjoy using this as torture in the pits here...

No grammar, spelling, punctuation mistakes I can find, though I feel that bold words are used a little too often...don't ask me why, I'm just a source of all evil...

Things my Creator disliked:

My creator thinks the characters are a little too "polarised". Karen and Sarabre=good protagonists out to fulfil prophecy/save the world/whatever, Shadarin=purely evil, nasty antagonist...zillions of stories have those, let's see a little product differentiation here.

Having a shade of both in one or two characters would make interesting reading...Repentance and internal struggles of morality are always good reading in my creator's opinion...

Evil villians stupidly telling the protagonists all their plans( or even a fraction thereof). While I can understand gloating, I cringe whenever they do this...I'd never do this myself. When heroes DO manage to save the day (if and when) it makes good sense to get them to work for it...

A poor variety of nouns. For example, you used "Shadarin" way too many times. Try different things like "The master of the Dark Order", "The evil mage" "The warlock" or such. Maybe use his appearance as well, somthing on the lines of "the hook-nosed man". This not only serves as a noun, but also gives us a bit more detail of what Shadarin looks like.

Otherwise, good effort. A friend or Casey Drake is a friend of me and my creator, and I'll be seeing your other works soon...

In ending, I'll just leave you with a short message. YES, GIVE THE WEREWOLVES A BETTER DEAL!
7/25/2005 c6 2Casey Drake
the weird thing about Shadarin is that he's so evil that you can't help feeling sorry for the guy.

:) CD
7/21/2005 c6 10Teshgirl
EVILE! ! ! :O Shadarin's just evil with a capital E. Is demeanor reminds me of Slade from Teen Titans (I must start watching that more often again... I did watch it today though...).

Kuja: You can defeat him, Karen! Sarabre's within you!

Frewin and Favian: *Start a "Go Karen!" chant*

Hakkana and Ince: *Start a "Go Sarabre!" chant*

Tesh: *chuckles* Update soon! And don't worry if you have trouble explaining tings- I still like the story.

Tesh : )
7/8/2005 c5 Teshgirl
Hmmn... I'm a little confused. But it's not your fault. I must reread the chapter...

Kuja: *points at Tesh* She's just stupid.

Tesh: Hey!

Kuja: *sticks out tongue*

Tesh: *makes a face at Kuja* Anyhoo, you tortured us with a long character/author conversation! :O And... CLIFFIES MUST DIE! Just kidding. XD The Circles of Time sounds interesting... and Sarabre's cool.

Update as soon as you can! I'll be waiting patiently.

Tesh : )
7/8/2005 c5 2Casey Drake
oh... that makes sense... sort of... it'll make sense when i reread it a few times I think.

Love the miniscene by the way.

:) CD
7/6/2005 c4 Casey Drake
CLIFFIE! thou stinketh. *shrug. sigh* ah well. I wait. YOU BETTER UPDATE OR I WILL SEND... umm... I WILL SEND SOMEONE AFTER YOU!

jeez. that was a rather ineffectual threat. almost as bad as "I will do something."

:) CD
7/5/2005 c4 10Teshgirl
Today must be Cliffhanger Day- my story and yours and Lightning Princess's all have cliffies! XD

Hakkana: :O The Dark Order, eh? Hmmn...

Tesh: Yeah...

Hakkana: We're assuming that the girl in Karen's dweam was the girl in the book about the Dark Order, right?

Tesh: Yeah...

Hakkana: *rolls her eyes at Tesh* Oy.

Tesh: Hey! I cweated you! *starts chasing Hakkana, but she's way too fast, lol*

Hakkana: Whee! ! !

Tesh: *pants* Update soon!

Tesh : )

Ps: I think I'll read Dastra next... vewy soon. ^.^
7/1/2005 c3 dh
good story, scary author/character talk!
6/30/2005 c3 Teshgirl
Whew, 2 kidnappings averted! *smiles at Karen for her quick thinking* :D

Frewin: Yeah! That was good.

Kuja: Right you are, Froggy!

Frewin: My name's FREWIN! :O

Kuja: Yeah. *grins* But... *shouts* FROGGY!

*Kuja starts running away; Frewin's chasing her XD*

Tesh: *watches them* Hee. Anyhoo, good job! And the burning question: Why are those guys after Karen? Update soon! ^^

Tesh : )
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