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7/31/2011 c1 228punctured.lungs
intense. incredible.
1/18/2008 c1 7kwaieht
Sweet Jesus, I'm stunned. I don't know what happened there, I don't know... I think I do kinda but man that was cool and- and wow. Really, stunned. Fantastic piece, reads like a song with a tune I can't quite carry, y'know? I loved it D:
8/31/2006 c1 87Chaos Apple
How...this is fantastic! Orgasmic. Honestly it's beautiful.

where did you get the idea for this? I'm so envious of your talent it sickens me. Wonderful, darling, fucking perfect, I love it.

8/25/2006 c1 do not resuscitate
oddly, i've never reviewed this even though i've read it a million times. this flows so amazingly, i love it so much. "bitemarks, bloodstains ring around the shower drain" - that line with the rhyming, wow. it's the little things like that that make this piece incredible
6/19/2006 c1 31Prettier in Black and White
i really liked this- it rhymed in a non cheesy sort of way. the mixture of the rhyme and the message makes it a beautiful poem. m. me loves this
12/5/2005 c1 60finger on the trigger
you gotta love those bitches...no muse could ever be so fanatic...loved it
10/10/2005 c1 42crinkled aster ribbon
x) I love this. It's so wicked and beautiful. :) Great job.

P.S. I love the bad Bible girls too. xD
10/5/2005 c1 11gravity of being green
myself bein' a bible-totin' schoolgirl, i found your allusions to the temptresses especially effective. i devoured this thing and read it three more times to make sure i didn't miss a thing.

for some reason, it doesn't strike me as particularly brilliant (i'm more of a pablo neruda chick than of the streamofmind thing you're writing) but it definitely strikes me and resonates. great stuff.
8/29/2005 c1 36Akhenaten
I don't know the story of Jezebel, or the other one for that matter but I still LOVED this your writing style is just so great, amazing, I'm like ranting on about it but it deserves it! The way you use words is different form any of the other authors on here, and so much better, I loved it!mucho love,akhie
8/22/2005 c1 69mostly water
Oh my god, how beautiful. It reminds me very much of cosmic you's style, but not in a bad way of course. Beautiful, beautiful. Oh, and nice profile. Leather was always one of my favorite Tori songs.
8/21/2005 c1 26pneumothorax
The last half threw me a little, but I adored the start.
8/13/2005 c1 232Second Hand Screams
Totally agree.
8/7/2005 c1 70mercury.love
I. LOVE. this. All of it is amazing... chilling... beautiful. But, hands down, i. is my favorite part. It paints a very vivid picture. I really can't find anything bad about this.Great job, always keep writing!
8/6/2005 c1 35andrealiz
alrighty I've read this one about 5 times and have yet to review. everything about this poem is captivating and wonderful. your words really emphasize the anger and feelings behind the pen. amazing.

-andrea elisabeth
8/4/2005 c1 9Millay Inspired
I like this. I was intrigued by the combination of bible stories and more modern themes, and the rhyme and rhythm juxtaposed so much with the nature of the words it was almost painful, but instead ended up being beautiful.

The contrast between the first part and the second two seemed a little dischordant to me, but I'm still adding this to my favorite stories list. I'll read more by you when I have more time, and hopefully review more then too.
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