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4/19/2006 c15 4Ruby Waters 2
heya~ sorry that i took forever to read this. i love the chapter...it is so different from the sappy lovey-dovey stories. though i guess, the part abt her rejecting sam could be clearer and maybe you could also explain why sam did not chase after her...
4/17/2006 c15 12Shadowed Echo
Question... WHY does she hate him?
4/17/2006 c2 Shadowed Echo
Awesome so far... I haven't read the rest yet... Lemme guess, Sam Moore is SamSpace? It's good how you got it so realistic though. I could see this story happeneing...
8/21/2005 c15 littlesadmouse
hey great chapter...but why doesnt lin want to accept sam? she likes him right? haha...but very romantic...
8/16/2005 c14 1Katsui Adonis
I think this is a good story. This chapter was a little short, and it seemed to be just a filler.

Another thing about your story is your use of past and present tenses..I notice you switch between the two throughout your story. For example, instead of "I grab my robe and put it on before opening the window." it should be "I grabbed my robe and put it on before opening the window."
8/16/2005 c14 32zenni
Well, it seems that Sam is having a hard time of it all- he's having a hard time trying to convince Belinda to go out with him. Maybe he should get some help from Mel? (just a suggestion!)

Anyways, good chapter as always, and update again soon
8/16/2005 c13 zenni
oh- exciting. Why did Mel answer? I guess I'll have to wait to find out. Please update again son
8/16/2005 c12 zenni
yay, another chapter! You made my day ^_^
8/13/2005 c11 zenni
I love this story- its origional and sassy. I wish famous people reviewed my stuff. Please update again soon ^_^
8/13/2005 c10 littlesadmouse
thanks for the NDP day greeting! yup anyway..how old are u? hmm...this story is getting interesting..keep updating!=]
8/10/2005 c10 sta4eva
hey, good story update soon :)
8/7/2005 c1 deedle-um
Like it so far. Very believable description of restaurant life.Nothing to critisize yet, which means it's a good story.
8/6/2005 c1 wingyluva
Great story, i love it and i really wan't to know how it ends...
8/3/2005 c5 25Cloverless
8/1/2005 c1 littlesadmouse
Hey cool story. Creates enough suspense and yet lets readers have enough clues to guess who Sam is. great. but mel's dad's death seem a little out of place somehow?thanks for the review u gave me there. It helped. I just started the story sort of on impulse so didn't put much effort in to it. yar...i'm from spore. How did u know? rock on.
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