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for Für das Vaterland, nicht den Führer

5/11/2007 c1 2symbiotic
This is very well written. My cousin's grandma's brother fought at Aachen, where he was taken afterwards as a POW by the allies and ended up doing some stuff with the post war government during the cold war.

Back to the story, it's very well written and I enjoyed it a lot. I already knew a lot of the weapons, vehicles and tech in the story, so I knew exactly what was going on. Very nice job.

I was thinking of writing up this entire review in German, since I'm fluent and it seems you can speak it. Eh what the heck.
11/1/2005 c2 6Toni Berthelette
very nice chapter! update soon =)

btw, nice profile...I'm a German-Canadian half-Jew who is tri-lingual, therefore I am awesome.

haha so cute =)

6/27/2005 c1 Toni Berthelette
hey! wicked nice story so far, update soon! You have a talent for descriptions =) haha I love a good WWII story.

6/25/2005 c1 9Reina Valdez-Rivera
Hey, this is a really interesting beginning. Even though you're just giving us the basic information to start us out with, it was entwined with cool action scenes. Also, you did great at describing the atmosphere. I felt bad that the German comrade died, but it happens... Oh, and thanks for your notes at the end. I needed them.

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