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for Le Chateau du Vin de Vie

7/6/2005 c1 7R.A. Sears
You had me read this before you posted it. I still think it's good, aside from a few typos. But hey, they happen to the best of us. I'd like to know more about this Lumina character, and I'd also like a bit more background on everyone else and how they ended up where they are. Who are these guests, and what significance will they later show?

The only way to know is for you to UPDATE!

*sends you Jamison for a bit in the hopes that the chatty vampire will temporarily shut the hell up...* ;)
6/26/2005 c1 23Spade McCole
This is a different approch to the usual vampires I've read about. I have to say, it's really interesting and I really can't wait until there's more chapters to see what else happens to the girls. Good luck ont he rest of it!

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