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8/7/2012 c7 Guest
3/29/2009 c7 2ChaoticFenris
aw cute ^ ^

everyone's hooking up with everyone O.o
10/18/2006 c7 2AkaiOkami
yay! you're alive! and you updated! keep 'em comin' kid.
10/17/2006 c6 AkaiOkami
hey. if you're still alive, you should update this story. it's really good.
7/18/2006 c1 Kamiko-Miha
Thank you I'm learning and reading YAY! now when my mom says I read useless stuff I can say, "NO! I'm learning gods and stuff Loop hole!" yeah Being insane is so much fun! Anyway please update soon!
11/4/2005 c5 Ara
Aw...sniff sniff...me siento especial! :) la dedicatoria me encanto...el capitulo tambien... y Yuki...ni se diga, jejeGRACIAS
7/3/2005 c3 14sb1
I'm loving this! Liam is dangerously interesting and poor Cain, I hope things end up well. The side chars. are fascinating too-and the Hermaphrodite crack was great. I can't wait to see more of this. I also appreciate the ending notes-great stuff!
7/3/2005 c2 sb1
Better and Better! Cain sounds sweet and I am really enjoying this story all in all.
7/3/2005 c1 sb1
I'm loving this so far! Interesting ideas and people!
7/1/2005 c3 JaklynToki-jakarajit
UPDATE! Is this going to get steamy? I just want to be sure before I add it to my favorites. If it doesn't get steamy...no dice. YAOI RULES!
7/1/2005 c3 9Mephistophilis
LOL! Aww... (blush) You embarrass meh... n,n" Anywayz... luvd the new ending! And look! (points) You added more description! XD GREAT!

Hope to see, i mean... read from yah soon, and good luck at ur grandma's! XD
6/30/2005 c3 7Maris. S
I think that our little Cain here will be able to start peicing things together here sooner ot later ^^ I really wanna know what's going to happen between him and Laimtho. There's bound to be too much sexual tension somewhere in there ^^ Please update sooN!
6/30/2005 c2 Maris. S
Yay! Teeheehee, Liam and Cain get to share a room ^^ teeheehee, anywhoo, I really wanna know what's going to happen so I'm going to go to the nx chappies. BTW: I like Anicetus ^^ teeheehee, and i still really really like your story!
6/30/2005 c1 Maris. S
Woah, that was koolies. I wish I could scare the shit outta people that easily, that'd be koolieso. Anywhoo, yea, Laim does so pretty hot ^^ teeheehee, I like your story tho! Onto the next chapter
6/30/2005 c3 6Starlite Nightfall
wow, you're really makin progress with this fic. It's so animated! me like! a lot...just keep doin what ya doin! ByE!
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