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for Burnt Not only once but TWICE

8/12/2006 c9 Alenor
hmm, ok well i thought you'd at least get them back together at the end. ahh well, cya later.
11/25/2005 c1 K. D. Rayne
I can't remember if you let me read some of this before or not. I don't think you did. Shame on you, MarMar, shame on you. It's starting out like a story Id want to read, even if Im sure it's going to end with "Oh,*gasp* I love you too!" ^_^
7/15/2005 c9 1storywritergirl
Sorry, I didn't review for the other chapters. That story was so sad :'(good work, but really sad. Anyway thanks again for reviewing my story. Toodles,

storywritergirl xoxo
7/10/2005 c9 alyssa
wow, both of those guys were jerks. i'm glad this was the ending. good job!
7/10/2005 c1 5prescott
haha i like the tension between them. lol reminds me of aaron carter, cuz he has a twin sister named angel. wow i don't even know how i remember that.anyway, had fun reading the first chapter thanks :)

7/10/2005 c9 1BetweenLife
omg..its so sad..the matt do is a jerk and i cant believe she actually left aaron..goddess..i was crying...
7/7/2005 c9 2x.your.brand.new.mistake.x
Good ending, wasnt expecting it though...God loves you!
7/7/2005 c9 pianogal
i'm usually a romantic at heart so i would usually have wanted this to end with her being with a guy. but i don't think either guy deserved her so i'm glad you ended it this way and i loved that final sentence about getting two things: her daughter and her job. that was great. awesome story and i love "Life, Love, and Growing Up" too so you better update that soon.

7/7/2005 c9 lilsakura
Good ending. Not the typical fluff (which is good (= ) but still a happy ending
7/7/2005 c9 jesse05
oh well that was just great...NOT! you so ruined it, like totally made it suck!
7/7/2005 c9 10Eet
I didn't really like the ending. But I guess I'm not one to talk.
7/7/2005 c8 pianogal
awe, that chapter was so cute. but i have a feeling the next chapter may be a little different. its just a feeling but anyways i'm so happy she moved on with her life. at the beginning i hated Aaron, then he grew on me, and then i hated him again. good writing and i can't believe there is only one more chapter. i can't wait.

7/7/2005 c8 2x.your.brand.new.mistake.x
Wasnt expecting that but it was still good...God loves you!
7/6/2005 c8 10Eet
Oh, I still love Aaron. I just don't feel like I know Matt well enough to like him. Can't wait for the last chapter!
7/6/2005 c8 3piyoka
This is a great story! Except for a few spelling mistakes, this story is great. I love the plot and everything. Keep up the good work!
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