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11/12/2005 c22 7lilxseeker
o0o0o update soon!
11/12/2005 c22 Unclaimed
Well well well! What is going to happen here? Where is Shelley going at 10pm at night? Am not yet sure if Brandon is for real and really likes her or if he is just messing and is upset cos she's wounded his ego. Not sure if I want that cleared up of not...will let you decide! Like the planning discussion at the beginning but the bit with Chelsey has just deepened my dislike for her...anyways up date really really really soon!- Ellie
11/12/2005 c22 1pep-queen
great story! i'm glad i found it
11/12/2005 c22 4TaurusGirl7
hah nice chapter!

update soon!
11/12/2005 c22 anon
I love this story! YAY! :D
11/12/2005 c22 4sofiya05

this story is brilliant i loved it as soon as i sarted reading it...cant wait 2 c how tings go wid brandon and shelly
11/12/2005 c22 17Mini May
wow awesome update...although i was hopeing for somethign better to happen between them than that..she is such a bitch sometimes..but its okay...cause i probably would have done the same thing in her situation..wait maybe not if i had a hot guy pracically on top of me with his face soo terribly close to mine..i probably would have jumped all over that! haha ne ways good update and update soon!
11/12/2005 c22 1queen-lala
i don't even know why i have to put this in here everytime i review but...great chappie.like always^_^ hm, wonder where she's going. oh well. update soon^_^
11/12/2005 c22 4Your Anti-Drug
So, will we ever get to find out where she was going? Why did she say no?

Brandon's cute, I want to kiss him. Put me in the story lol.
11/12/2005 c22 jamyg98
That sounds like a great one liner to describe the story. Totaly describes Shelly and Brandon. Chelsey is giving me the creeps. ew she licked his ear! I am intrigued by where Shelly was headed. To her secret older hot boyfriends house?
11/11/2005 c21 MONkeyIsCAlling
thanks for the update..

this chapter was cute! i liked how they didnt kiss...

i think morgan is my favorite character...next to the main female lead of course...they see like really cool people =)

well...waiting for the next update...

oh..btw...whats a douche bag? people say it a lot..but i never knew what it meant...hehe...

thanks again *^^*
11/10/2005 c21 Your Anti-Drug
Do I sense a brutal fight between Shelley's dad and Brandon's? Was there a reason for the no kisS? I actually liked this chapter a whole lot.
11/9/2005 c21 SweetAngel82
Great story! Cant wait to read more. I hope that Brandon tells Shelley about what Chelsey is doing because they will make a really good couple. They need to change their prank focus from each other to Chelsey in my opinion.
11/9/2005 c21 salley19166
HI I FOUND NEMO! *huggles* i liked the chappie actually. went quick but it sounded like a typical date. hm... no kissb she laughed? WHY THE HELL DID SHE LAUGH? i probably would have laughed to in her situation. actually i did do that the 1st time i was about to kiss my now boyfriend. yea that didn't do well... all well i can't wait to read the next one. hurry and get more free time. dammnit school, you are keeping me from the story *waves fist in the air* well u know the routine... *cracks whip* BACK TO WORK!
11/9/2005 c21 acira
yehey! an update.. =)
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