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10/13/2007 c30 2RaspberryBob




...especially the dramatic irony. Nice.

9/20/2007 c30 3TwinkieTUTUS
ok, so its definitely 1:40 in the morning, but i could NOT stop reading this! you just did such a wonderful job creating this story and taking the turns with ease... it was captivating. way to go!
9/20/2007 c3 3G.Catherine
bros before hoes. that's from House. haha
9/7/2007 c30 18J.S. Goldberg
OH MY GOD! I absolutely love this story to death!Haha. I love team BS. Haha. This story has got to be one of the greatest on here. And I mean that cause I love a lot of stories. I spent every second I could reading this. I even took the time in my class this morning to finish a chapter. Haha. I'm sad to see it's over. I'm sad to see any story I love over...But I think you did a great job! LOVED IT!
8/11/2007 c30 7LadyLush
aw i loved it and i'm so happy they got together! but i really wanna kno if they stay together lol great story

7/26/2007 c30 4Lorango911
HELL YEAH THAT WAS FUCKIN AWESOME. What else is there to say? I mean, the story revolved around football, and their relationship was anything but boring... and Shelly's parents? They were fuckin hilarious. Ok i'll stop swearing. Anyway, I loved the Characters.. Team BS? that was brilliant. Morgan was friggin' hilarious... when they first had lunch at Frisco's and i read the first words that morgan spoke.. i was a little scared for Shelly, though she can hold her own... And Brandon.. I had NO idea what was goin on in his head.. .neither Shelly.. I mean.. what was with the whole plan she had? Did i miss that? Maybe i'm lost... anyways I think you're genius.. especially since the story revolved around football... those speeches were really inspiring.. i mean if i were on a football team, i think i'd love you. Feel a little sorry for Coach Wess. It's slightly sad that he totally sucked as a coach and he knew it. But there wouldn't be any story if he didn't, right? Ok moving on.. their playful yet horrifyingly sadistic banter was refreshing. Always quick witted and never a dull moment. Gotta love it. I was kinda tired of those ill written sappy romance novels with more grammitcal errors than an essay written by a caveman (no offense to cavemen across the world). Needless to say, i think get that i thouroughly enjoyed your story and that though they didn't get to stay with each other, i know it'd have worked out. I mean, why would Brandon have tried so hard to get the girl if he was just going to give up now? At least i'd like to think he'd work it out. Man.. gotta love football! Go Raiders! (I know, they suck. But I gotta show my team some loyalty!) and i did noticed you mention USC. which is where I would have LOVED to go. And Carl's Jr.? Have you tried they're Teriyaki burger? I mean come on, grilled pineapples? GENIOUS! alright so i'm rambling here and you could care less. But Your story rocked if the amount of reviews isn't proof enough. So rock on!
7/16/2007 c30 1saintsandsailors
i still want you to continue this story! it was great! it kept me reading and reading and readingg! i hope to enjoy reading your other stories!
7/16/2007 c24 saintsandsailors
wow this story is really great! i've been reading it for some time now and I'm almost done. I can`t wait until the next chapter!
7/9/2007 c30 xjo orange
Such a fun story to read! Very original, and the pranks between Brandon and Shelly were HILARIOUS! Good work! (:
4/30/2007 c30 xjennnny
this is really good! =]

but wen r u going to do s sequel?

keep me posted! XD lol

please and thank u! :}
4/9/2007 c30 SparklingStar25
that was a great story!I liked it a lot!lol
4/6/2007 c30 6DragonFaeLynn
Hey, I'm sorry it took me so long to read the rest of this. I loved it. Great plot, great uniqueness, great everything. I'm so impressed. I didn't think it would turn out as good as it did, so good job. Take care of yourself and I will keep watch for more from you.
3/16/2007 c30 5christinaxxyo
this was super cute and an awesome story. i can't wait to read ur sequel =]
2/17/2007 c30 4slee5133
AW! this is like the best story ever. i don't even live in america let alone know american football, but i love this story so much! congratz on a really really good story. looking forward to reading your other stories!
2/15/2007 c13 1clear vision
yes, i agree with you, it IS better than the last. oh, so much better. haha xD i like your story, though i think it needs more action(:
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