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for Bleeding Rain

1/18/2006 c1 5Social-Parasite
I absolutely love the way this is written.Good job. After reading several of your works on here I must say you have talent.
1/18/2006 c1 7CarrotCraverCutie
So deppressing... but well written. Great job.

love as always Ally *CarrotCraverCutie*
12/31/2005 c1 18ShadesofBlue69
love the last line of the poem, and the imagery is so geat.
12/31/2005 c1 140happypills03
great imagery... i love it! keep up the great writting
12/28/2005 c1 24Tr APeze-sWiNGer
okay, first off i'm going to say good imagery...definitely that's the first thing i noticed about this poem.

i must admit, however, that i got lost in the all the bleeding/thundering/cloudy/teary images. i was tempted to scroll, although i didn't.

nice job!

and i saw your bio, the part about being vegeterian. six years is a long time! i've been a vegeterian for about seven months now. go us! :D
12/27/2005 c1 879Moondog Dozier
This is a great explosion of dark imagery. The action images are well thought out and capture the flow well. Really unique word placement and choice here which creates a rather sinister overall tone and work. Good write.
12/27/2005 c1 38CarpeDiem28
extremely vivid and "full of adrenaline"

I love everything about it. Thanx for the review and keep up the great work!
12/26/2005 c1 23HopelesslyHopeful
Depressing for the sake of being depressive. Sorry if it doesn't sound like a compliment, but really is meant to be one.
9/23/2005 c1 115HauntedMisery
I love this, this is amazing, great work!
7/30/2005 c1 65AmaranthineMisery
intense, the last line was beautiful... well done
7/2/2005 c1 80The Magician Joseph
Hm very intresting I like it, it is like Apoclypse with a side of Angst, I enjoy the imagery, it has a nice sickening feel to it.

7/2/2005 c1 2Lukertin
Essentially speaking, were it possible for a poem to perfectly convey human emotion I would choose this one to represent it.
7/1/2005 c1 81Princess-anna57
Wow, this is amazing! It's so well written. Outstanding! Fantastic! Keep writing!

Thank you very much for reviewing me!

7/1/2005 c1 78myheartiswaypastbeating
Amazing. I loved it, beautifully written. Well done. caliorbust

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