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for Fade Away

7/22/2005 c1 79Sorrowful Dreams
this is pretty good. I like it. you did have a great come back to your work from being absent, but hey so have I

7/13/2005 c1 28Accalia Aeryn
This is a very nice poem. The stanzas are perfect. One suggestion though, try to stay away from one or two liners (they're okay here and there but not everywhere). It can sometimes be hard on the reader (maybe make the poem confusing). Other than that, it's wonerful. Keep writing!
7/10/2005 c1 whitney
this one is great...i really dont know what lik 5 words mean in it..but it's great! lol actually..it's sad..BUT IT'S GREAT! it's me..but mostly..it's you..

it reminds me of my grandparents..who died and they were great...but i hope their memories never fade in me...

since i dont have anyone to lik be mine...i have my family and friends that i meet along the way..i hope you have a great life and your memory never fades!

7/2/2005 c1 115HauntedMisery
Amazing work!
7/2/2005 c1 kloun doll
I like that line; ``We worked so hard,

To build each other up,

That we wandered away from,

Others.ยดยด it's so deep.
7/2/2005 c1 24Searching4Truth
I love this! "Even memories/seem to/fall away" is a great line! Keep writing! :-)
7/2/2005 c1 105fragglerock
Wow. I dunno, I just feel really tied to this piece. It's awesome! I expecially love "... I don't know how to stop moving forward and be left behind."
7/2/2005 c1 13Duble-Helix
Oh wow, that was gorgeous. The imagery & tone are brilliant. Beautifuly written, adding it to favourites.

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