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for Heartless

8/26/2005 c1 44Fredicus
that is really quite amazing, nt sure what else to say, just wow, theres alot of feeling behind your words, its an awsome song/poem/thingie

~~From Da Grl Named FRED!~~

(ps britney spears? wat r u thinking? lisin 2 death by stereo - Sticks and stones, now there is an awsome song!^_^)
7/23/2005 c1 79Sorrowful Dreams
great work. love the chorus. you made it so deep and emotional. at least you put it up where there's help for someone...splendid

7/13/2005 c1 130blackrosestears
Dark and "mysterious" if that is the word. I like the line "And tears of pity fall down my cheeks" Great work.
7/10/2005 c1 whitney
oh man..dude...u rock..this really makes me think about love...even tho then only love i've ever had was grady sizemore...(and he doesnt know i live!) but lik yea...i luv it!
7/8/2005 c1 270queenvixta
Wow I like this, very dark and powerful. Kinda reminds me Evanescence a little bit too. Cool. queenvixta
7/5/2005 c1 22Xothoss
Again, this one was cool. I could just hear the music playing in the background. Really keep it up!
7/5/2005 c1 115HauntedMisery
This rocks, great job!
7/5/2005 c1 63lackluster
i like this."I’ve found a,/Dark void,/Where your heart,/Should be." is my favorite line(s).it sounds almost like a song(is it?) great work!


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