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for Odes of Optimism

11/17/2007 c6 612simpleplan13
I like the rhyming and calling God a woman.. the whole piece is great.. it saying how hes good and bad, but the fact that the bad is good is an unusual perspective
1/21/2006 c5 monkey
yay... happy stuff... i needed that. thank u.
8/11/2005 c5 simpleplan13
And there's a rope/Is holding you back... you cant have there's and is

nice poem.. cool metaphor and very hopeful
8/7/2005 c4 simpleplan13
very sweet... I like the whole spiritual and not religious thing... it's cool... I like it
8/4/2005 c4 10Different Definitions Of Storm
(4. A thank you)

This is more than slightly inspiring to me, being the less-than-devout Christian I am. Putting this into verse couldn't have been easy. =P I look up to you.
8/4/2005 c3 Different Definitions Of Storm
=twitch= I amused. xD
8/4/2005 c2 Different Definitions Of Storm
Nicely done! Can't say I can relate, being nowhere near 16 yet, but I can imagine how it feels to be weighed down by all these troubles and responsibilities. xD I like the way the poem gradually moves from being eager and hopeful to more quiet and subdued... But perhaps an elipse(sp? The triple-dot type things) or break would make the change more obvious... Unless the way it is now was deliberate?

In any case, this is a great poem! =D
8/4/2005 c4 43SumiFritzN
Wow. I'm always in awe when I read your works because they're always so beautiful, and meaningful, and...deep; but this one took the cake. I think thats the right saying. Congrats on such a beautiful piece.~Nicole~
7/23/2005 c3 612simpleplan13
lol... thts funny i know ppl who would totally agree & some who wouldnt... im kinda medium sized so i dont have a point of veiw
7/14/2005 c1 simpleplan13
i like this poem... normally the term plain jane has such a negative connotation but i like this because you make it so possitive... great job
7/7/2005 c1 monkey
I like it. Plain Janes of the world, unite! lolAnd I totally agree with the 16 going on 17 one. so true.
7/7/2005 c2 simpleplan13
You’re not longer... no

i like this... especially the ending.. tis so true.. great job
7/6/2005 c1 52godsandstars
hehe, these did make me smile. it's pretty true. but kinda stereotypical. that's ok, because it's poetry. not horrible, but not amazing.
7/5/2005 c1 Ephemeral Seraphim
Hey! Thank you for reviewing my one poem, and thank you for putting me on your favorites list! I think that this is a nice poem that you've got going along here, and I like the underlying message between it all, and of course, the rhythm was flawless in my opinion. Don't worry about the lack of reviews, because from what I can tell, you've got talent, and it's good that this is a lighthearted poem. It's a refreshing change from the usually morbid poems that I read, and I would like to thank you for the few moments of enjoyment that this poem gave me.


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